A Tale of Two Counties In The Medical Pot Arena

After hours of testimony from at least 50 El Dorado residents and patients & caregivers from neighboring counties, El Dorado county supervisors voted not to repeal the county’s cultivation ordinance and instead appoint a task force consisting of county counsel, the sheriff, DA and activists to come up with a solution that will protect patients’ rights.

Lame duck supervisor Ron Briggs brought forth the motion to repeal the existing ordinance, and was on the news saying that ordinance 5000, passed unanimously in September 2013, was tantamount to putting up a “Weed Friendly” sign in the county, attracting out-of-state growers, who the sheriff said make up 7/10 of his arrestees this year.

To read more, visit http://www.canorml.org/news/Fresno_Balks_El_Dorado_Listens

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