Watch This Lobby Group Called “Big Marijuana” Grow

That outfit became the subject of controversy last month, when the state pulled its three dispensary licenses, after public outcry over its financial ties to a consulting firm Delahunt runs. Gary Johnson, a former New Mexico governor and Libertarian Party presidential candidate, recently became CEO of Cannabis Sativa , a publicly traded marijuana company whose stock price has been skyrocketing of late.

“Overall, I don’t see a downside to any of this,” Johnson said of the increasing involvement of people like him. “From the standpoint of the legalized environment nationwide, it is all headed that way, and it is headed that way very quickly.” Steve Katz, an upstate New York Assembly member, has boasted of his intentions to get into the weed business after his term in office expires.

The New York Times calls on US to legalize marijuana And the National Cannabis Industry Association, the nation’s leading marijuana trade group, hired Michael Correia, a former GOP congressional staffer, to be its first full-time lobbyist. While “revolving door” politics often has a pejorative connotation, harkening to a system of conflicted interests between corporate America and the government, marijuana advocates wouldn’t mind joining the club of the maligned. After all, an industry must have enough pull to make the doors revolve.

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