Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CNCE)

conpharmaConcert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that focuses on developing and manufacturing novel medicines by applying the company’s proprietary Deuterated Chemical Entity (DCE) Platform to compounds that have well-characterized pharmacological activity. This type of approach may enable less costly and more efficient drug discovery and clinical development compared to conventional small molecule drug research and development.

With the application of Concert’s extensive knowledge of deuterium chemistry, the company is focusing on the discovery and development of novel small molecule drugs. Their approach begins with systematically identifying approved drugs, advanced clinical candidates, or compounds that have the potential for improvement through deuterium substitution.

Unlike traditional drug discovery methods that have high failure rates, the company’s approach allows for better metabolic properties or better pharmacokinetics, thus enhancing clinical safety, efficacy, and tolerability for improved metabolic profile, bioavailability, and half-life. The company prioritizes candidate compounds according to medical needs, competitive and patent landscapes, commercial opportunity, and strategic fit.

Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has executed on this particular approach in order to become a clinical stage biotechnology company. The company is developing a robust product candidate pipeline in various therapeutic areas. The company’s product candidates include CTP-499 for diabetic nephropathy, CTP-354 for spasticity associated with SCI and MS, AVP-786 for neurologic and psychiatric disorders, CTP-730 for inflammatory diseases, JZP-386 for narcolepsy, C-10068 for pain and seizures, and Deuterated Ivacaftor for CF and COPD.

Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is traded in the OTC markets under the stock symbol CNCE. The company has developed the DCE Platform that consists of proprietary knowledge, information, and techniques that they have developed over the past 7 years. The company has a significant experience in pharmaceutical research and development and deuterium chemistry to product candidates that are optimally deuterated.

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Concert Pharma Initiates Early-Stage Schizophrenia Study

Concert Pharmaceuticals (CNCE) announces initiation of multiple-ascending dose phase I study to evaluate its pipeline candidate, CTP-692, as an adjunctive treatment for schizophrenia.

Concert Pharmaceuticals to Present CTP-543 Phase 2 Interim Data in Alopecia Areata at 2019 World Congress for Hair Research Annual Meeting

Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CNCE) today announced that interim clinical data from its CTP-543 Phase 2 trial in alopecia areata will be presented in a poster presentation and a sponsored lecture at the 11th Annual World Congress for Hair Research (WCHR) being held April 24-27, 2019 in Sitges, Barcelona.

Concert Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase 1 Multiple-Ascending Dose Trial of CTP-692 as an Adjunctive Treatment for Schizophrenia

Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CNCE) today announced that it has initiated an additional trial in the Phase 1 program evaluating CTP-692, a novel deuterium-modified form of D-serine being developed as an adjunctive treatment for schizophrenia. The Phase 1 multiple-ascending dose trial will evaluate the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetic profile of CTP-692 in healthy volunteers. “The Phase 1 studies evaluating the dosing and safety of CTP-692 are expected to support advancement into an efficacy study in patients with schizophrenia later this year.

Concert Pharmaceuticals' stock takes a sharp dive after disappointing patent appeal board ruling

Shares of Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc. took a sharp afternoon dive Monday, after the biopharmaceutical company said the patent trial and appeal board found that the claims of the patent on its alopecia areata treatment CTP-543 were "not patentable." The stock, which was little changed in afternoon trade just prior to the announcement, plunged 17% toward a 2-year low after the announcement. The company said the decision was appealable to the U.S. court of appeals. "While we're disappointed in this outcome, we believe we have strong arguments supporting the validity of our patent and intend to appeal the decision as we work to create additional intellectual property protecting CTP-543," said Chief Executive Roger Tung. In April 2017, Incyte Corp. had filed a petition challenging the validity of the patent on CTP-543. Incyte's stock slipped 0.1%. Over the past 12 months, Concert's stock has tumbled 43%, Incyte shares have rallied 29%, the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF has climbed 13% and the S&P 500 has gained 11%.

Concert Pharmaceuticals Announces Decision from Patent Trial and Appeal Board in IPR Proceeding

Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CNCE) today announced that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a final written decision in connection with the inter partes review (IPR) of U.S. Patent No. 9,249,149 (the ‘149 patent). While PTAB found that the claims of the '149 patent are not patentable, the IPR decision is appealable to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and Concert remains committed to defending the ‘149 patent.