Mixed Messages Loom Because Of Conflicting Results In Pot Polls

It would have been a nearly flawless year had Florida voters not narrowly voted against legalizing medical marijuana . Within Florida the amendment to allow medical marijuana to be prescribed needed a 60% “yes” vote as opposed to the traditional 50% that would normally have approved a bill because it would have required Florida to amend its constitution.

In Florida’s case just 58% of residents voted in favor of medical marijuana’s legalization, thus causing the amendment to be defeated. However, 23 states and Washington, D.C., have approved marijuana for medical use as of today. Although we’re just weeks removed from the midterm elections the chatter has already begun as to which state could be next to legalize marijuana on a recreation or medical level.

Earlier this month I opined why California could wind up being a make-or-break state for the marijuana movement . However, California isn’t expected to bring an adult-use marijuana initiative to its residents until 2016 at the earliest. Instead, a considerably smaller state could be readying to throw its hat in the ring as the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana: Rhode Island.

Little state, big battleground Regulate Rhode Island, which is made up of a consortium of recreational marijuana supporters and organizations, has plans to push the Rhode Island General Assembly to put adult-use marijuana on the ballot in 2015.

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