FusionPharm, Inc. (FSPM)

main_hdr_img1FusionPharm, Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells a commercial hydroponic cultivation system that has the capability to grow almost any type of vegetable, herb, fruit, flower or any terrestrial plant better and faster than any traditional farming methods. The company is the creator and manufacturer of the patent-pending PharmPod hydroponics cultivation container system, and sells and licenses the PharmPods to urban farming companies and agricultural equipment distributors.

PharmPod containers are made of standard ISO steel shipping containers repurposed for use in hydroponic cultivation of plants. These innovative containers are equipped with specialty climate control systems, lighting systems, irrigation systems, and ventilation systems for self-contained agricultural solution for individuals, universities, and businesses.

The PharmPod container’s advanced lighting technology provides an optimum light spectrum, and its irrigation system uses less than 10 percent of water required for traditional farming. The environmentally and economically-friendly PharmPod uses advanced LED lighting technology to provide an optimum light spectrum, and its irrigation system uses less than 10 percent of water required for traditional farming.

A 40-foot PharmPod has the capacity to grow more produce than a one full acre of traditional farming. By utilizing the PharmPod container’s stackable design, it’s possible to produce more than three acres worth of yields in less space needed to park a motor home. PharmPods allow plant growers to water plants automatically, avoid using pesticides, grow crops densely, increase yields, and shorter distribution time to market.

Trading in the OTC market under the symbol FSPM, the Colorado-based FusionPharm, Inc. was organized to capitalize on opportunities that are present in the vertical farming industry and the cannabis industry. The company has grown steadily over the past three decades, and continues to focus on developing and integrating its proprietary line of PharmPod cultivation containers. Stackable, modular, financeable, and cost-competitive PharmPods are considered the industry leader for commercial-scale indoor plant cultivation.

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