Research Update Of Goldman Small Cap

In the Goldman Opportunity Research report on the Company, analyst Rob Goldman outlines his investment thesis. This under-the-radar company has a number of trends in its favor. With a steady increase in the number of its distribution and medical marijuana dispensary channels, the Company has already begun to book meaningful initial wholesale and retail sales.

Separately, studies indicate e-cigs and vapor pen usage serve as highly effective smoking cessation devices as well as an alternative to traditional tobacco-based cigarettes. Thus, the market could emerge as one of the fastest growing consumer segments in years. The recent $135M purchase of Blue eCigs by Lorillard (NYSE LO), the 3rd largest tobacco seller in the U.S., demonstrates the huge market opportunity.

Just yesterday, Washington State became the second state in the country to open the market for the legal sale of recreational marijuana. Plus, other states and jurisdictions have gotten into the act. On Monday, the State of New York became the 23rd state in the union to legalize and permit the sale and use of medical marijuana, while in the District of Columbia, voters appear to have gotten enough votes to have proposed recreational marijuana approval legislation on the ballot in November.

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