GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (GRNH)

greengro-logoGreenGro Technologies, Inc. focuses on designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing eco-friendly cultivation systems. With the company’s expertise in agricultural science systems, it provides innovative products such as nutrient mixers, flux lighting products, table stands, cloning systems, home units, tea brewers, automatic watering systems, hoods, fans, and nutrients to consumers and the commercial cultivators.

The California-based GreenGro Technologies, Inc., formerly known as Authoriszor, Inc., also provides consulting and management services to clients, as well as construction, design, and maintenance services to large grow operations and collectives in the recreational and medical marijuana sectors. GreenGro has a multitude of satisfied customers in both the consumer market and the commercial farming market. Its clients include community gardens, restaurants, and small and large-scale commercial clients.

GreenGro is a leader in both indoor and outdoor hydroponic and aquaponic systems and grow rooms. Their designers are experts in their field, and they use eco-friendly, top-quality technologies for the perfect grow room that suits the needs of customers. The company offers high grade products that are perfectly adapted to customers’ preference, be it a hydroponic system, humidity control, lighting setup, or complete grow room construction.

Taking pride in the quality of their product design, GreenGro continues to develop useful and versatile grow rooms. Their unique vertical construction allows for flexibility to fit any space, whether for a modest gardener or a large industrial cultivator. The company’s design and construction provide clients with increased crop yields and substantial savings through decreased cost in energy while utilizing hydroponic techniques and reducing the physical footprints of cultivating.

Trading in the OTC market under the symbol GRNH, GreenGro Technologies, Inc. is an industry leader in indoor and outdoor hydroponic systems and grow rooms. Their patented design is useful and versatile, and the high quality equipment they provide guarantees high yields and low energy cost. GreenGro stands not only behind their products, but the quality of customer care they provide to clients.

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Latest Financial News for GRNH

GreenGro Technologies Signs Key Contracts

GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (GRNH), a provider of eco-friendly state of the art technological solutions to the cannabis industry, announced today that it has signed two multi-year management contracts for both Cannabis Ventures and Genobreeding divisions.  The new agreements with two Northern California-based licensed cannabis growers, encompasses GRNH’s cultivation and nursery expertise through licensing, management, compliance and consulting.

GreenGro Technologies Strives to Achieve Profitablity in 2019

GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (GRNH), a provider of eco-friendly green technologies for the cannabis industry, today announced a restructuring and cost savings plan to improve efficiency and profitability that should position the Company for long-term success.  The restructuring will enhance the Company’s flexibility to invest in new growth opportunities from the cannabis industry with the goal to achieve positive cash flow and earnings in fiscal 2019. “I want to thank you for your ongoing support and confidence in us over the past 12 months.  We have made great strides in developing our new business plan and building the team to execute them,” said James Haas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GreenGro Technologies, Inc.  “In an effort to capitalize on the numerous growth opportunities that have emerged from the multi-billion dollar and growing cannabis industry, we have restructured the company’s operations to create a more agile, streamlined and efficient core business that should position us for long-term success, with our goal to achieve profitability, as early as possible,” continued Mr. Haas.

Los Angeles’ Commissioner for Los Angeles County Real Estate Management, Marisela Nuno, to Represent GreenGro Technologies at World CBD Expo

GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (GRNH), a well-respected provider of eco-friendly green technologies for the cannabis industry, today announced that Marisela Nuno, a recently appointed member of its Board of Directors, will be presenting on behalf of the Company at World CBD Expo (, one of the largest conferences focused on increasing the awareness of the benefits of CBD across various industries and consumer groups. As the Commissioner for Los Angeles County of Real Estate Management, Ms. Nuno’s presentation is expected to discuss GreenGro Technologies’ business plan for 2019, which includes various strategies to significantly increase its presence in Southern California’s booming CBD market. World CBD Expo is expected to attract hundreds of buyers, entrepreneurs, professionals and consumers from the CBD market under one roof over the course of two days, March 9-10, 2019, at the San Diego Town and Country Convention Center located in the heart of San Diego’s Mission Valley.  With over 75,000 square feet of space for conference attendees and exhibitors, the conference is expected to include educational seminars, product demonstrations as well as hundreds of CBD brands.

GreenGro Technologies Plans To File for Name Change And Expands Its Services Direct Into The State Licensed Cannabis Markets

GreenGro Technologies (GRNH), a well-respected provider of eco-friendly green technologies, today announced that it has begun the process to change the company name. Upon completion of the application process, the company will be known as GreenGro Holdings, Inc. “We have already reserved the new name and look forward to stepping into the scope of goods and services we have been planning to provide,” said GreenGro Chairman and CEO, James Haas.

Gala Pharmaceutical Files State License Application for Testing Facility

Gala Pharmaceutical, Inc. (GLPH), a robust and burgeoning Analytical testing company, today announced notable progress toward opening its doors and serving its rapidly growing market. The Company’s application to operate a TYPE 8 Medical Cannabis Testing Lab has been deemed complete by the City of Long Beach and, through its subsidiary, Gala Pharmaceutical California, Inc., has filed for its California state license. In addition, Gala has submitted the application for its building permit.