GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT)

growlifeGrowLife, Inc. is a holding company with multiple operating businesses that manufacture and supply expendables and equipment for urban gardening and for medical marijuana growing. The companies owned by GrowLife include Phototron, GrowLife Hydroponics, Inc., SG Technologies Corp., GrowLife Productions, Greners, and Soja, Inc. These companies are engaged in the promotion, marketing, distribution, and selling of their own brands.

GrowLife companies have over 3,000 products available on, their online store, and in their seven retail storefronts. GrowLife continues to improve and expand their branded product lineup through business alliances, organic development, and acquisition. The brands of the company include 58Hydro, Phototron, Rocky Mountain Hydroponics & Organics, Stealth Grow. Their channels include GrowLife Hydroponics,, and, an informal portal for the marijuana industry.

Helping a new breed of businesses succeed in the marijuana industry in the U.S., GrowLife, Inc. provides convenient access to high quality cultivation supplies and services and aims to be the largest cultivation service provided throughout the nation. The company provides next-day delivery services of their products directly to independent and commercial cultivators in 17 states.
GrowLife, Inc. understands how to best serve the needs of their cultivators to ensure that their grows are safe, certified, and high-yielding. The company has already served many cultivators who have learned to master the science and art of cultivating plant-based medicines.

GrowLife, Inc. is publicly traded in the OTC market under the symbol PHOT. GrowLife firmly believes that they need to help grow the industry in order for their company to grow, so they work with growers, manufacturers, suppliers, processors, distributors, and many others. The company’s strategy is clear, and that is to leverage smart investments, solid business fundamentals, and strategic use of technology in their effort to help businesses to grow and the industry to flourish.

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4 Marijuana Penny Stocks That Could ‘Double’

We all know that legal cannabis markets are booming and pot is increasingly being accepted into our society. There seem to be countless advertisements courting subscribers to this or that service for marijuana penny stocks that have, allegedly, doubled or tripled in price. But you need to be careful and treat any advertisements touting great investment performance with a grain of salt. I shouldn't have to tell you that this advertising can be very misleading.There can be statements that are technically true, but at best they're misleading … at worst, they're deceitful. Example: If a stock goes from 2 cents to 4 cents then technically it has gone up by 100%. However, this is not the same as a stock going from say $2 to $4 or $20 to $40.Consider the following. When someone buys or sells a stock "at market," they will receive the best price that currently exists in the market. If they are selling, they will get the highest price that anyone in the market is willing to pay. If they are buying, they will get the lowest price that anyone is willing to sell at. Suppose a stock is bid at 2 cents and offered at 4 cents. This means that the most anyone will pay for the stock is 2 cents, and the lowest anyone will sell it for is 4 cents.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading TipsNow, say someone sells 100 shares at the market and hits the bid. The last trade is two cents. Suppose one minute later someone else buys 100 shares at the market and pays the offer price. Now the last trade is four cents. This is +100% from the prior trade. The stock has apparently doubled, but in reality it hasn't moved! And if you paid 4 cents for your investment, you literally need to wait for the stock to double and the bid to become 4 cents just to break even!Just remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. * 10 S&P 500 Stocks to Weather the Earnings Storm Here are four examples of seemingly legitimate companies whose stock prices would suggest otherwise. I'm not saying that you can't make money with them … it's not outside the realm of possibility. But neither is the chance that space aliens will invade tomorrow, enslave us and ship us off to work in some dilithium crystal mines on the other side of the galaxy. But I wouldn't bet on it, just like I wouldn't bet on these stocks.[A word of warning: Due to their extremely low prices these and other penny stocks can be very volatile. This makes them dangerous investments.] Marijuana Penny Stocks: Rocky Mountain High Brands (RMHB) Click to Enlarge The first one is Rocky Mountain High Brands (OTCMKTS:RMHB). RMHB refers to itself as "a publicly-traded, lifestyle brand management company that markets 'good for you' products to health-conscious consumers."It seems to be a "real" company, insofar as it has a decent-enough website and people apparently actually work there. But take a look at the stock.The last trade was at .0044. That is less than one cent!On the chart above, the highest price displayed on the X axis of the price scale is .018 … just under two cents.If you aren't aware of the scale, this chart can be very misleading. If it goes from .0044 to .0088 is that really a double? Is it the same as a stock going from $4.40 to $8.80 or $44 to $88? Absolutely not.Commissions, liquidity constraints and transaction costs will keep this from happening. The stock is not trade-able. Ubiquitech Software (UBQU) Click to EnlargeThis next gem is Ubiquitech Software (OTCMKTS:UBQU). The company considers itself a "multimedia, multi-faceted corporation focused on utilizing state of the art global internet marketing and traditional marketing to drive traffic to multibillion-dollar industries."To illustrate some of the misunderstandings of these types of markets, check out this ridiculous analysis from"Ubiquitech Software Corp might as well have found a way to reinvigorate its ailing prospects having taken a significant hit. The company is in the process of changing its name and has also decided to forego its cryptocurrency ambitions all in the effort of focusing on the hemp business. HempLife Today is the proposed name change that the company believes reaffirm long-term ambitions and plans.The restructuring drive appears to have caught investors' attention given the increased trading activity around the stock in recent trading sessions. While the stock is still languishing at all-time lows having lost more than 80% in market value, a high turnover in traded shares could as well signal a change in the direction of trade.The stock has started showing signs of bottoming out having spiked by more than 60% in recent trading sessions. After the recent spike higher, the stock faces immediate resistance at the $0.006 level on further movements on the upward.A rally followed by a close above the critical resistance level should reaffirm the emerging uptrend, setting the stage for the stock to continue climbing high. Below the $0.006 resistance level, the stock remains susceptible to further declines given the underlying bear trend and the fact that short sellers are still in firm control". * 10 Best Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever You have got to be kidding me. Resistance at six-one thousandths of a share? Short sellers in control? Apparently whoever wrote this drivel doesn't realize that in order to short a stock it needs to be marginable. Penny stocks are not marginable, so there are no short sellers in this market. Again, this stock is not tradeable and this analysis is completely invalid. GrowLife (PHOT) Click to Enlarge This is GrowLife Inc (OTCMKTS:PHOT). They say they are "a nationally recognized cultivation brand" that deals in hydroponics. Hydroponics are essentially a way of growing cannabis without soil, but with water, sand or even gravel. GrowLife provides this equipment to the grow houses that, well, grow the pot. They also supply lighting and "other cultivation supplies" for use in many environments, including for commercial use.The last trade was at .008. If it "rallies" to .016, did it really a double? On paper "yes." But as I mentioned earlier, percentages can be tricky, as they mask the true value when used in a misleading way. I'd much rather see a stock like Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU) double.In real life, could you actually make this trade with a meaningful amount of money? Not a chance. Green Cures & Botanical Distribution (GRCU) Click to Enlarge Last, but certainly not least we have Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc (OTCMKTS:GRCU). According to its website, Green Cures deals in infused drinks, which it considers "nutritional, botanical, sports and body care products." It doesn't have a brick-and-mortar retail presence, and it is currently focused on online sales to generate sales."From concept to production and distribution, Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc., is continuously creating and introducing products that promote a healthy lifestyle." Yeah, sure. One look at the stock and you'll think otherwise. * 7 Stocks to Buy for Spring Season Growth GRCU stock closed at .0029. If you wanted to invest $20,000 in it -- and were actually able to buy it -- you would be long 6,900,000 shares. That is more than 10 days worth of the average daily volume! It would not be possible to trade that many shares without affecting the price.As of this writing, Mark Putrino did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities. More From InvestorPlace * 2 Toxic Pot Stocks You Should Avoid * 7 Stocks to Buy for Spring Season Growth * This Is How You Beat Back a Bear Market * 7 Dental Stocks to Buy That Will Make You Smile Compare Brokers The post 4 Marijuana Penny Stocks That Could 'Double' appeared first on InvestorPlace.

GrowLife, Inc. to Exhibit at CannaCon in Rapidly Expanding Cultivation Market of Oklahoma

GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT) (“GrowLife” or the “Company”), one of the nation’s most recognized indoor cultivation product and service providers, today announced that the Company will be exhibiting at Oklahoma City CannaCon on Thursday, April 18, and Friday, April 19, 2019, at Cox Convention Center. GrowLife will be exhibiting at booth #401. “GrowLife sees Oklahoma as a state where a lot of opportunities are happening in regard to the medical marijuana and hemp industries, and we are excited to attend a conference that is right in the middle of it all,” said GrowLife Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Joe Barnes.

The Week In Cannabis: SAFE(er) Banking, New Jersey, Seth Rogen, Walgreens And Earnings

The cannabis world received mixed news last week. On the one hand, the House Financial Services Committee voted in favor of a bill that would allow marijuana businesses to work with banks and credit unions, the SAFE Banking Act, allowing it to advance to the House floor. On the other hand, the state of New Jersey cancelled its vote on a bill that would legalize recreational cannabis due to a lack of support from legislators.

GrowLife, Inc. Announces Subscription Service Launch Through E-Logistics Platform for Commercial Growers

GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT) (“GrowLife” or the “Company”), one of the nation’s most recognized indoor cultivation product and service providers, today announced that the company has launched a subscription service for consumable cloning supplies as part of its EZ-Clone commercial propagation equipment line. Through its e-logistics platform, commercial cannabis and hemp cultivators will be able to subscribe to monthly shipments that include all of the products necessary to clone plants at a discounted price.

GrowLife, Inc. Executives Return from Leading European Cannabis Conference with New Insight into Global Markets and Expansion Opportunities

GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT) (“GrowLife” or the “Company”), one of the nation’s most recognized indoor cultivation product and service providers, today announced company executives’ return from Spannabis 2019, the world’s largest hemp expo and trade show in Barcelona, Spain, with newly formed relationships and a deeper understanding of the hemp and cannabis cultivation markets throughout the region that could support international expansion of its EZ-Clone Pro Commercial product line. As the Company continues to eye global expansion, Spannabis provided valuable insight for executives into the well-established hemp cultivation industry.