No To Overdose Drug Say Hartford Schools

In a severe heroin overdose case, the report said, the districts nurses would be able to use breathing aids and CPR to keep an overdose patient breathing for 15 minutes, the maximum response time for emergency service providers to both the high school and the middle school.

Over the past several weeks, the area has experienced seven heroin-related overdoses and two overdose deaths; the Vermont Forensics Laboratory told police that the heroin was laced with Fentanyl, a narcotic more powerful and life-threatening than heroin. Because of increased awareness about heroin cases, many New England school districts have considered the Narcan issue over the past year.

New York’s state education department warned school nurses in June that they were not allowed to administer Narcan without a prescription, and could face civil liability issues even if they had received training and were administering Narcan in a life-or-death situation. But school nurses in Montague and Brockton, Mass., have decided to keep Narcan on hand, according to published reports, while the Rhode Island School Nurse Teacher Association is working toward making Narcan available after a statewide survey of nurses found that they were encountering cases of suspected student drug overdoses.

In Vermont, about 1 in 50 high school students admitted to having used heroin in a 2013 anonymous survey of risky behavior conducted by the Vermont Department of Health.

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