India Globalization Capital, Inc. (IGC)

igcIndia Globalization Capital, Inc operates in several locations around the world to acquire, incubate, finance, and grow companies in various industries. Through its subsidiaries, it has businesses in India, Inner Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, and the United States. Its business lines include iron ore processing, electronic components trading, clean energy, equipment leasing, and vertical farming, and it has entered the marijuana industry as well.

The company’s foray into the legal cannabis industry involves its vertical farming projects in the US. Currently, it is planning to build indoor vertical farms designed to produce organic green vegetables, and eventually, legal marijuana. Also part of the company’s strategy are creating a portfolio of cannabis and hemp-based patents, developing FDA-approved drugs based on cannabinoids, and establishing a cannabis R&D laboratory.

More recently, the multi-national company acquired Midtown Partners & Co, LLC, a New York-based licensed broker-dealer, to expand its marijuana strategy. With Midtown as its subsidiary, IGC will offer capital-raising platforms and broker-dealer services to cannabis businesses. One of the major platforms it plans to build is a crowdfunding site for small to midsize enterprises. Other services will include investment banking and equity research.

The legal marijuana industry is only one of the areas where IGC intends to expand. To minimize its dependence on its iron ore business, its diversification strategy aims for growth in clean technology, solar energy, and specialty pharmaceuticals as well.

India Globalization Capital was incorporated in Maryland in 2005. It now trades in the NYSE MKT with the symbol IGC, and a market cap of USD 8.69 M.

Among the top management executives in the company are Ram Mukunda, CEO, President, and Director; Daniel Ngai, Principal Financial and Accounting Officer; and Belur Ram Kishan, Sunny Tsang, and Amit Dutta, Managing Directors.

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India Globalization Capital, Inc. (IGC) announced today that the Institutional Review Board (“IRB”), in Puerto Rico, approved its protocol for a double-blind, placebo-controlled, efficacy, safety and tolerability study of its proprietary formulation IGC-AD1 on behavior and functionality in subjects with dementia from Alzheimer’s disease. “With this important approval, our Company can implement a 50-person double-blind placebo-controlled trial that we hope begins to prove the efficacy of micro-doses of cannabis in combination with other natural compounds on the behavior of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. We expect to measure improvements in neuropsychiatric symptoms (“NPI”) such as delusions, agitation/aggression, dysphoria, anxiety, sleep disorder, disinhibition, irritability, apathy and eating abnormalities, among others,” stated Ram Mukunda, CEO.

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