With Help Of Strategic Investor, Maple Leaf Secures Private Placement

This agency agreement will allow AGL to assist Maple Leaf, on a best effort basis when determined by Maple Leaf, to raise up to Cdn$5 million outside North America for the Company to pursue its medical marijuana business. This agreement is for the period of 1 year from September 1, 2014.

AGL is a capital holding company registered in New Zealand with offices in Hong Kong and Macau and has invested in various different sectors of industries around the world, with assets holding over US$ 25 million. AGL’s website is www.aglglobal.net . “We are excited to ally with one of the reputable and solid capital companies in Asia to assist us to raise the funding required for pursuing the medical marijuana business.

Especially when they show their commitment by investing $200,000 into our private placement during this tough economic period for junior companies” said the President and CEO of Maple Leaf, Raymond Lai. For further information regarding Maple Leaf Green World Inc., visit www.mlgreenworld.com .

To read more, visit http://finance.yahoo.com/news/maple-leaf-closes-private-placement-225002530.html

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