Marijuana Breathalyzer Is New Niche Market For Investors

Colorado Moves to Solve the Cannabis Banking ProblemA marijuana market even anti-marijuana investors can support? Marijuana breathalyzers. This unique product caters directly to cannabis law enforcement, making its market unique and something that anti-marijuana groups would want to get behind.

The Canadian company Cannabix Breathalyzer Inc (CSE: BLO), formerly known as West Point Resources (TSX.V: WPO), is a leading firm developing and providing marijuana breathalyzers. The Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer is much like an alcohol breathalyzer: it is a breath test device to identify substance intoxication – only in this case, it rapidly detects not alcohol but the cannabis compound THC.

Cannabis breathalyzers are promising to be good investments because cannabis law enforcement is currently in need of more efficient detection and verification tools. To start off, there are no reliable tools in use at all to detect drugged driving. Only an officer’s opinion is used, and this means low success rate in court. Secondly, the only way to verify a person’s recent marijuana use is by using spit, urine, or blood samples. Since these may provide DNA information, these tests can be complicated with privacy laws.

The medical journal Clinical Chemistry recently concluded in a study that “the breath test could be an alternative” to the commonly used controversial methods.

Cannabix, whose management team includes forensic doctors and former policemen, has thus found – or opened up – a niche market with their drug breathalyzers. It currently has an agreement for the licensing of the North American Rights to Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer.

Already, the company has some competition. The Swedish company SensAbues also has a proprietary breath test tool, and this one can detect not only marijuana but a variety of drugs like cocaine and prescription meds. Another company, LifeLoc Technologies, has been given a $250,000 grant by the Colorado Office of Economic Development. This grant is for the company to develop a THC breathalyzer, and it will be marketed to law enforcers, workplaces, schools, and corrections.

Companies developing products for marijuana law enforcement just may be looking at more prospects, given the statistics on drug-impaired accidents.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, THC is the second most commonly found substance, next to alcohol, in impaired and fatally injured drivers, as well as in crash victims. Some 4%-14% of drivers involved in large traffic accidents have tested positive for THC. The National Highway Traffic Safety also identified several ways in which marijuana impairs driving performance. These include decreased reaction times and sleepiness.

Thus, marijuana breathalyzers present not only a niche market, but also something that even anti-marijuana advocates would want to support in the face of booming marijuana popularity. This makes the product an investment that is relatively more solid and less controversial.

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