Marijuana Crowdfunding An Industry to Watch in 2015

crowdfundingUntil recently, many cannabis businesses, projects, and patients had to rely on their own finances to answer their legal marijuana needs. According to estimates, more than 80% of marijuana business owners used solely their own savings and credit accounts to put up their enterprises. Bank loans and support from investors were hard to come by for businesses associated with marijuana. Meanwhile, for many patients with conditions like cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, and PTSD, medicinal marijuana served as the best relief from symptoms yet it entailed steep expenses. These include state medical marijuana cards, medical care travels, and marijuana strains themselves.

But the fast-emerging industry of crowdfunding now provides them with legitimate means to raise money to pay for cannabis expenses. There are “intrastate” crowdfunding laws currently in 12 states. Further, a number of companies are now coming up to crowdfund marijuana endeavors, this niche is one to pay attention to in 2015.

These are some of companies and platforms in the marijuana crowdfunding scene.


This company provides accredited investors with a secure way to access private investment opportunities, for zero membership fee. For cannabusinesses seeking to raise capital, Cannafundr also collects no listing fees. Cannafundr is owned and operated by industry leader CrowdFund Connect, Inc, which is well-known for developing and managing crowfunding sites.


This crowfunding platform uses PotCoin, a cryptocurrency supported by all campaigns. Once PotCoin reaches a significant rate, the platform will consider other campaigns whether they are directly related to the currency or not.

The ArcView Group

The ArcView Group is a leading platform in the marijuana industry that connects investors to businesses. This group already has more than 375 investor members, and 34 marijuana businesses have raised over $17 M with ArcView’s help.


Catering to various areas such as agriculture, business, charities, dispensaries, and grow operations, this site currently has more than 100,000 projects listed, and has raised over $1.1 M in pledges. It is part of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club.

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