Marijuana Edibles, Extracts Legal – Canadian Supreme Court

60Marijuana business opportunities in Canada have potentially expanded as the Canadian Supreme Court effectively legalized medical cannabis edibles and extracts.

The Supreme Court decided on Thursday (June 11) in favor of all forms of medical cannabis, including infusions and edible goods. Before this ruling, medical marijuana (MMJ) patients were permitted only to smoke the drug and prohibited from baking homemade cannabinoid-infused edibles.

The favorable decision comes after a six-year court battle that began when a man from British Columbia was arrested for baking about 200 marijuana cookies. Two lower courts ruled in favor of the man, reasoning that it is a violation of patients’ rights to limit them to just smoking. But Canada’s government appealed these decisions, leading to the Supreme Court ruling.

In its decision, the Supreme Court cited evidence that “amply supports” concerns over the health risks associated with inhaling marijuana. Evidence also supports that marijuana inhalation is “less effective for some conditions” than when the drug is administered through cannabis derivatives.

Canadian Health Minister Rona Ambrose immediately condemned the ruling, saying she was “outraged by the Supreme Court”. She believes that cannabis is not yet proven to be safe and effective as a medicine.

However, the Supreme Court’s move was welcomed by MMJ patients and the Canadian marijuana industry. Although it is still unclear whether the decision will enable companies to produce and sell infused products, it is considered a step towards the country’s widening acceptance of marijuana.

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