Medical Cannabis May Be Coming To Georgia

4A no-buzz form of medicinal marijuana may be available to Georgia residents as early as next month, announced MMJ proponent Rep. Allen Peake on Monday (January 26).

Peake said they are a couple of weeks away from possibly making an announcement with an MMJ manufacturer who will ship from another state.

But this development still depends on two things: the passage of House Bill 1, and the medical cannabis companies willing to participate in a legal gray area.

House Bill 1 would decriminalize in Georgia the possession of a liquid type of medical marijuana. This type is low in THC, which is a psychoactive component of cannabis.

Even if that bill is passed, Georgia would still need MMJ companies in other states to push the legal definition of “hemp”. Currently, Congress allows the seeds and oils of hemp grown outside the country to be used in US grocery products like cereal and granola bars. In addition, they have authorized limited cultivation of hemp and defunded several programs on federal marijuana enforcement.

According to Peake, MMJ companies are now looking to use those federal laws to legally ship medical cannabis oil that contains low THC.

One medical marijuana entity that is considering to ship nationwide is the Realm of Caring, a foundation based in Colorado.

While low THC levels are a common priority in regulations, Peake’s bill targets the liquid form of MMJ that’s rich in CBD. This is another cannabis compound, but one that has been reported to relieve symptoms of severe seizures, chemotherapy-related nausea, and a host of other conditions.

Although many patients are coming forward with positive stories, there has been little scientific work on the medicinal benefits of marijuana due to the decades-old federal ban on the herb. Scientists have found it tricky to work under that restriction, but the community is hopeful that that will change as marijuana gains more favor in each state and the nation in general.

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