Medical Marijuana Bill Moves Forward After Surviving Narrow Vote

July-2014-kush-crowd-siteSenators in favor say they reached their decision based on research, hearing input from their constituents, and some shared personal stories and experiences involving medical cannabis. Those opposed to the bill called into question the process of how this bill has moved through the Legislature, whether anyone has had enough time to fully understand the ramifications should the bill pass, and the impact in the other states with similar medical marijuana bills.

The bill would allow for people in Utah with qualifying illnesses to be able to use medical cannabis in edible or liquid form, and establish licensed dispensaries to sell it. Christine Stenquist, a supporter of medical cannabis, was at the Capitol Tuesday for the vote. “We’re just really proud of our lawmakers right now that they’re showing such thoughtful compassion towards… Towards those that are suffering and we’re very hopeful, we’re very hopeful,” she said.

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