Medical Marijuana Patients Can Smoke Marijuana At Workplace

“We intend to mitigate market and legislative risk,” stated a Supreme Director, in an exclusive interview with Financial Press. “Arizona is a promising market and we have begun investigating opportunities there to complement our Canadian property.”

Recent successes in the medical marijuana space include producers Tweed, which has a market cap of $98 million, Windfire Capital whose stock has increased 300% in the last 12 months and Affinor, which has experienced 700% share price increase in the last four months after declaring its intention to diversify into medical marijuana and industrial hemp.

Supreme recently announced a 1 for 5 share consolidation, which is expected to be a major catalyst for the company going forward. “Now that the shares are consolidated it prepares us to attract institutional funding and move forward with the project,” stated the director. “Because our facility is so big, it does require capital expenditure.”

Many institutional investors have internal rules forbidding them from investing in companies trading at less than .10. Supreme’s consolidation opens the door to raise money at a higher price, with less dilution, while putting the stock in the hands of strong long term investors.

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