Medical Marijuana Rules In Colorado Still Hanging In Limbo

Lady LibertyBut there are differences in Colorado’s medical and recreational pot rules, and state health officials and other regulators were hoping lawmakers would eliminate some of them. Among the differences:

— Recreational pot must be tested for contaminants & potency. For medical pot, this is optional upon the discretion of the concerned.

— Pot shops must refrigerate perishable edible marijuana for recreational customers. Medical edibles have no refrigeration requirements.

— Edible pot should undergo tests for potency and limited to 10 milligrams of marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient, THC. But edible pot sold to patients has no testing requirement and higher “serving size” limits.

Caregivers are people designated to grow marijuana on behalf of others. Colorado health authorities say a few caregivers are wrongly operating as commercial growers without oversight. That bill has its first hearing Feb. 26. Already some marijuana activists are complaining that Colorado wants to violate constitutional protections for the caregivers, which were established in the state’s 2000 medical marijuana amendment.

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