Medical Marijuana’s Moment Of Truth Finally Arrived











Colorado is spending money on its own research. And the Obama administration has lifted some barriers to federal studies. However, if research continues to find pot is useless for many of the maladies for which it is used, states will want to revisit the extent of their support for it.

Colorado’s Amendment 20, which legalized medical marijuana in 2000, lists several “debilitating medical conditions” — such as glaucoma — for which there is still apparently little or no good evidence of a true benefit. And while it would be extremely difficult to change the measure, that doesn’t mean the possibility shouldn’t be discussed.

This JAMA review of 79 trials involving nearly 6,500 patients concluded medical pot helped with specific pain syndromes and spasticity from multiple sclerosis. But there was poor evidence it is good for other conditions that make up most medical marijuana programs.

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