Mentor Capital Issues 3rd Quarter Financials

MicroCannabiz provides a definitive directory of 4,500 cannabis entities, and other information related cannabis services. $1.5 Million was also paid through Bhang Corporation to Bhang owners, who have kept the $1.5 Million.

They have refused to issue any Bhang shares to Mentor Capital, publicly repudiating the contract they signed a few months earlier. Mentor Capital is pursuing through the courts the return of the $1.5 Million which will be redeployed into the cannabis space.  Mentor Capital focuses on investments in private medical marijuana companies but holds some few public cannabis shares in its stock portfolio.

GW Pharmaceuticals is our largest holding there. Mentor Capital has transitioned out of all of its public cancer stocks and has only minority positions in Brighter Day Health and Shaw Capital (medical devices) as residual private cancer investments pending socially responsible exit opportunities.

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