New York marijuana company Etain expanding into California

New York medical marijuana Firm Etain expanding into California

One of New York state’s 10 medical cannabis businesses is expanding into California with plans to enter the Golden State’s recreational industry.

Etain Health, one of New York’s first five MMJ business license winners in 2015, is cooperating with West Sacramento Management Group, a licensed California cannabis distributor, the Sacramento Business Journal reported.

Hillary Peckham, Etain’s COO and co-founder, told Marijuana Business Daily her firm initially will sell its products only in MMJ dispensaries but eventually will expand into the adult-use market.

Etain could be bolstered by the move. New York MMJ companies have been squeezed by the state’s restrictive market.

The Etain expansion marks the second link between the New York and California markets.

More products will be available by the end of the year.

West Sacramento Management Group will manufacture Etain’s products and distribute them in the California company’s new facility in Modesto.

Founder Cipriano Sulamo told the Business Journal he is creating a new company called Daily Green to operate that facility and will rebrand West Sacramento Management Group as Tree Bird.

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