Ohio Lawmakers Against Marijuana Monopoly

ertL0ELyOhio is one of the states on the brink of legalizing cannabis, but a monopoly issue surrounding one of its cannabis initiatives has received criticism. Now, the state’s lawmakers are considering moves to counter the issue.

The marijuana initiative, proposed by the group ResponsibleOhio, would allow medical and recreational cannabis growing operations, but only for 10 pre-selected growers. These growers would be backed by the major investors in the group’s legalization campaign.

ResponsibleOhio needs 306,000 signatures for its initiative to be put on the ballot this year, but critics are concerned that allowing only 10 marijuana operators would create a monopoly. It has even been dubbed a “marijuana cartel”.

Various options to prevent a marijuana monopoly have been raised in the state’s legislature. One of them is a voter referendum to put an anti-monopoly issue on this year’s ballot as well. Industry watchers say that if this is passed, it may effectively kill the ResponsibleOhio plan.

Last month, Ohio state auditor Dave Yost also made a suggestion for the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Committee (OCMC), saying that companies hoping to create monopolies should have two initiatives passed instead of just one.

The OCMC has formed a committee that will now discuss the anti-monopoly proposals, specifically watching out for initiatives that give economic benefits to small groups or individuals.

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