Latteno Food Corp. Opens Medical Marijuana Evaluations Office In LA

In addition to provide recommendations for MMJ cards, the Office will provide expert analysis and recommendations for additional Chinese herbal medicines, including weight loss, pain management and botox, fillers and peels. The MMJ Evaluation Office is located at 1010 S. Robertson Blvd., Suite A-B, Los Angeles, CA and will be... more →
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Why Cannabis Penny Stocks Are Still Doomed To Fail

I still hope that was the case. That some of you heeded my advice and got out of and/or avoided these penny stocks before they started crashing and getting halted. Always remember that emotions are the enemy of successful investing and trading. I finally did a Marketwatch article and Cody Underground podcast specifically explaining... more →
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Colorado Tax Revenue Generated From Legalized Marijuana Exceeds Expectations By 40%

The tax revenue generated from marijuana sales have been earmarked for treatment, school construction and deterring young people from using the drug. According to Reuters, School districts will likely get $40 million, or nearly 30 percent, of the projected $134 million in total marijuana tax revenues. “We anticipate near-term... more →
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Can Marijuana Traders Handle Meltdown Of Marijuana Stocks?

Being bullish on this sector could lead to huge gains if correctly positioned, but it also could mean detrimental losses if the sector is misplayed. A lot of traders are ‘all in’ on cannabis stocks. There is no reason not to be bullish on marijuana stocks, but traders must recognize the potential risks. The valuations of companies... more →
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Operators And Facility Providers Of Medical Pot Expand Operations

Market news updates for Cannabis sector that continues to display growth as companies improve operations moving forward:  Zoned Properties, Inc., GW Pharmaceuticals plc. GWPH -1.69% , Cannabis-Rx Inc. (OTC: CANA), Embarr Downs, Inc. (OTC: EMBR), Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) and Terra Tech Corp. (OTC: TRTC) Zoned Properties, Inc. (otc... more →
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No Obamacare Coverage For Medical Marijuana

Under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug, which means that in the government’s view it cannot be used safely even under medical supervision. (Cocaine and morphine, by contrast, are Schedule II controlled substances, out of deference to their “currently accepted medical... more →
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Medical Marijuana Issue On Front Burners In Florida

Eighteen Medical Marijuana companies have registered with the state this year. Medical Marijuana of Brevard LLC, Medical Marijuana Business Lawyers LLC and Medical Marijuana Centers of Florida Inc., are among the 1st positioning to take advantage of an expected boom, should Florida voters approve the referendum by a 60% margin. Some,... more →
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