THC To Explore Net Gram Royalties In Medical Pot

NGR provides non-equity funding to licensed producers (“LPs”) of medical marijuana. Its goal is to provide diversified risk mitigated exposure to the medical marijuana market for investors, and a robust supply of medical marijuana for patients. NGR will meet this rapidly growing demand for funding in the medical marijuana... more →
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Colorado Marijuana Sales Rises Slightly In Second Month

Sales of recreational marijuana rose slightly in Colorado in the second month of retail sales, according to state tax estimates released Tuesday. But the modest growth left state lawmakers cautious on spending the pot tax money just yet. An estimate from the Colorado Department of Revenue showed that Colorado made some $4.1 million... more →
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Pot Penny Stocks Grow: Struggling Junior Miners Move From Gold Rush To Green Rush

The Street is starting to take notice of a trend in penny stocks jumping into the medical marijuana industry. A number of shell companies are appearing on the market, while other resource companies in the struggling sector are diversifying in search of greener pastures. Most of these companies have neither seedlings nor medical marijuana... more →
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The Roger Hedgecock Show Features HempMedsPX Of Medical Marijuana Inc.

Medical Marijuana Inc.’s exclusive master distributor and contracted marketing company proudly announces that Roger Hedgecock , considered the most conservative talk show host in the San Diego region, featured HempMedsPX on a recent broadcast of UT-TV’s The Roger Hedgecock Show. Hedgecock highlighted the fact that although... more →
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Marijuana Stocks Need to Grow Their Balance Sheets

Marijuana stocks have been the focus of very active trading, causing the valuations to become sky high. Peter Leeds, publisher of Peter Leeds Penny Stocks, says he is asked all the time about pot stocks and if the valuations are out of whack. He finds most pot companies to be very high risk and cautions investors to wait until prices... more →
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Tweed Hits Resistance At An Ironic $4.20

And if you think that’s ironic (with 420 being a common term to describe marijuana), you’re not far wrong. It would appear a lot of investors from last Friday, when the company was trading at around $2.50, set their sell triggers to $4.20 on a lark and have perhaps been caught unaware that the stock has hit it so soon.5.3m volume... more →
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