Proposal To Legalize Marijuana Talked Again In Senate

Smoking medical marijuana will be prohibited, said Folmer. Senate Bill 3 has 25 co-sponsors, including 11 Republicans and 14 Democrats. It has been referred to the Senate State Government Committee. Leach and Folmer are both members of that committee. Folmer is its majority chairman.

Senator Folmer and I are joined by our Senate colleagues from both sides of the aisle today,” said Leach in a statement, “because we recognize what an overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians already know: Medical cannabis is a safe and effective alternative to the powerful, addictive, and often ineffective narcotics that doctors already prescribe to cancer patients, children with seizure disorders, veterans suffering from PTSD, and others Pennsylvanians who suffer from terminal health problems.

“It is cruel to continue denying these people the medicine they need. “Senator Folmer and I also introduced the medical cannabis advocates to Governor Wolf and discussed our legislation with him. “He was enthusiastic about our cause and told us to send him a medical cannabis bill as fast as possible.

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