San Diego’s First Legal Cannabis Dispensary Allowed To Open

64In a move marking a turning point for the city, San Diego officials granted its first medical marijuana dispensary license to a company called A Green Alternative.

The dispensary’s owner, David Blair, had been waiting more than three months for this answer. Last October, the city granted him initial approval to operate, but this decision was appealed by a drug prevention specialist. Then just last Thursday (January 29), the city’s planning commission arrived at a unanimous decision rejecting the appeal, thus allowing Blair to open his dispensary fully licensed and legal.

This is considered a milestone for San Diego. For many years, the city has struggled with illegal MMJ operations while it tried to create and establish a comprehensive regulatory system to allow MMJ business legitimacy. A little less than a year ago, the city council approximated that there were more than 100 dispensaries operating within San Diego’s borders.

Now, the city’s medical cannabis regulations will allow a maximum of four dispensaries in each council district, which means there will be a total of 30 in the entire city.

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