San Jose Once Again Proposes To Ban Medical Pot

The proposal requires each collective to produce all its own medication at one location in San Jose. It also bans all outdoor cultivation, concentrated cannabis and much more. The proposal provides for no community feedback or input on how the collectives operate, and will effectively force medical marijuana patients to resort to buying their medication on the black market.

The Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition (SVCC – ) will be hosting a community meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 7th at 3pm at the UFCW Hall, 240 South Market street in San Jose to discuss this issue. SVCC will present a new set of regulations combining the city’s language along with that of the SVCC and Sensible San Jose initiatives into one unified document.

“Our goal is to create language city staff, the San Jose community, and the collective’s can all live with,” said Dave Hodges, SVCC member and founder of the All American Cannabis Club in San Jose. “What the city is presenting is virtually identical to what caused the referendum in 2011.”

“The Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition would like to see the council put in place reasonable regulations and create a commission to address any impact to the community,” said John Lee, SVCC member & director of Control & Regulate San Jose. “We need to move forward, not backward.”

The San Jose City Council will vote on the Medical Marijuana Regulations proposed by City Staff on May 13th. SVCC will be opposing City Staff’s regulations and encouraging the council to adopt the new community language. SVCC will be filing the new language with the City May 12th.

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