Senior Citizens With Health Issues Now Being Helped By Medical Pot

July-2014-kush-crowd-siteEach batch of 18:1 spray bottles is lab-tested to contain 18 mg CBD, and 1 mg THC per squirt. That’s a phenomenally rich source of CBD, which is part of alternative and integrative treatments for dozens of conditions like ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, Chron’s disease, diabetes and even cancer. It comes sealed in a 5 ml tinted glass jar, with dosage and ingredients. The clear, tinted liquid is free of contaminants and undissolved solids. It smells very pure, and ultra-light with just a fleeting note of medicinal extract.

Amid the CBD craze, California’s Care By Design stands our for their credentials and quality. They use organic, pesticide and mold-free, high-CBD cannabis flowers sourced locally — not derived from mysterious overseas industrial hemp.

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