Three Races For Deltona Mayoral Seat

Who knows? Who’s going to track that? Denizac said investing years in a community as a volunteer, as she and Masiarczyk have, are worth more than a few pennies.

In Volusia’s largest city, voters should have no difficulty distinguishing differences between the three candidates seeking the mayors office.

They can keep incumbent Mayor John Masiarczyk, who’s served in the role for 14 of the city’s first 19 years. Or they have a choice between two candidates representing different brands of change.

Zenaida Denizac has been a city commissioner since 2005. She says her record speaks for itself and suggests shes ready to move into the mayors role.

Jody Lee Storozuk is a newcomer running a campaign fueled by a bad experience with city government. He says hes the only candidate who offers a real change, and says he can make improvements.

Here’s a look at each:

John Masiarczyk

Masiarczyk, 69, was Deltona’s first mayor and helped lead the effort to incorporate the city in 1995.

Ive been here in Deltona all my adult life, said Masiarczyk, who retired as a post-office manager while also running a successful day care business. I tried to move the city forward in a positive light and do all I can to promote Deltona.

As mayor in his first term, he led the City Commission to develop many of its ordinances, build a city staff to provide services, construct City Hall with cash and buy the city’s water and wastewater utility. Criticism was often directed at his aggressiveness on annexing more potential commercial property into the city. After term limits forced him from office in 2005, he sat out for five years, then re-emerged in 2010, pledging to bring more cohesion to what many described as a dysfunctional City Commission, and put more focus on job creation and redevelopment in the existing city limits.

Having that interim period to sit out and watch someone else (act as mayor) and how the focus and direction changed somewhat during that term led me to understand we have to do more with our neighbors and partnering, Masiarczyk said. We need to redevelop what’s here.

He acknowledges the Great Recession slowed Deltona’s economic progress, but said the city is making strides toward new commercial development. He cites new projects involving Halifax Health and Florida Hospital Fish Memorial as examples. The focus has been on attracting jobs, he said.

We have had more workshops and sit-down discussions (on economic development) in the last four years than in the first 10 years, he said.

Masiarczyk notes his two opponents remain working, while his retirement allows him days that are mostly free to attend meetings and be available to residents.

I feel with my historical perspective and years in office, plus my ability to meet on someone else’s schedule gives me a leg up, he said.

Zenaida Denizac

Denizac, 54, says she thought about a campaign slogan for a long time and settled on The Strength of 300, a biblical allusion to a story in Judges in which Gideon relies on his faith and the strength of 300 men a far cry from his original 32,000 to take Israel back from the nomadic Midianites.

I took that out of the Bible, Judges (Chapter) 7, as a reminder to me that God will get the glory, she said.

She was elected in 2005 and re-elected in 2010 as a city commissioner.

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