Two Rivers Water & Farming Company (TURV)

rki1q0xapvw_two_riversTwo Rivers Water & Farming holds a unique position in the marijuana space as it is a provider of infrastructure to marijuana growers. The company is primarily a developer of farmland and water rights in Colorado, but has entered the booming marijuana industry in the state through a wholly owned subsidiary.

The farming operations of the company involve upgrading irrigated lands formerly used for low-value crops into lands fit for high-value fruit and vegetable crops. It owns 7,465 gross acres of land in southeastern Colorado, growing crops like cabbage, pumpkins, corn, and oats. It then sells its produce through its wholly owned subsidiary Dionisio Farms & Produce.

Alongside its farming, Two Rivers owns water rights in the Arkansas River Basin, also in Colorado. This allows the company to divert stream flow, pump ground water, operate storage reservoirs, and conduct other water management activities. On a long-term historic average, the company has an annual diversion of 15,000 acre-feet of water.

For its marijuana operations, Two Rivers has its subsidiary GrowCo, Inc. It leases state-of-the-art growing and processing facilities to marijuana growers, and teaches them about growing in a modern greenhouse environment. The company expects that over the next four years, it will lease up to 12 marijuana facilities in Colorado.

Two Rivers Water & Farming Company was founded in 2002 and was formerly known as Navidec Financial Services, Inc and Two Rivers Water Company. It changed to its current name in 2013.

The company is now traded on the OTC markets as TURV. It has a market cap of USD 18.97 M. Top executives in the company include John R. McKowen, Chairman and CEO; Wayne E. Harding III, CFO and Secretary; Kirsty Cameron, VP of Operations; and Russ Dionisio, COO of Farming.

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Two Rivers Clarifies Appointment of Sandro Piancone as Executive Director and Potential Acquisition

The appointment of Sandro Piancone to the Two Rivers management team will be effective after the closing of the acquisition of UST, not immediately, as the prior release implied. The UST acquisition is currently at the due diligence stage and has not closed.

Two Rivers Announces Appointment of Sandro Piancone as Executive Director

Sandro Piancone comes to Two Rivers with decades of experience in the international consumer goods industry with expertise in global sales, marketing, logistics, and distribution. Through this appointment, Piancone will be responsible for overseeing the various day-to-day operations of Two Rivers and its newly acquired subsidiaries.

Two Rivers Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Established B2B Hemp Consumable Company Cannasmoke

DENVER, CO, Aug. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – Two Rivers Water & Farming Company (“Two Rivers” or the “Company”)  (TURV), a strategic company that acquires, manages and develops the infrastructure of southeastern Colorado’s water delivery, announced today that the Company has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire 100 percent of the assets of UST Mexico, Inc and its subsidiaries Hempacco Co, Inc and US Tobacco de Mexico, SA de CV (together referred to as the Seller). The acquisition will enable Two Rivers to distribute products derived from its internal farm operations.

Two Rivers Announces CMW Media as Strategic Communications Firm

This decision is part of Two Rivers’ overall effort to expand focus on its media coverage and increase awareness of the Company’s hemp seed-to-sale strategy following its recent acquisition of Vaxa Global. CMW Media will develop the Company’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its relationships with investors and stakeholders, as well as enhance transparency through regular media coverage.


Two Rivers Water & Farming Company (“Two Rivers” OTCQB: TURV) is pleased to announce on July 31, 2019 Two Rivers purchased three hemp-focused businesses. This acquisition enables Two Rivers to use its water assets with associated land to grow, cultivate, process and sell hemp-based products. The Combined Companies are first focused on Two Rivers’ irrigated farmland in Huerfano County, Colorado.