Two Rivers Water & Farming Company (TURV)

rki1q0xapvw_two_riversTwo Rivers Water & Farming holds a unique position in the marijuana space as it is a provider of infrastructure to marijuana growers. The company is primarily a developer of farmland and water rights in Colorado, but has entered the booming marijuana industry in the state through a wholly owned subsidiary.

The farming operations of the company involve upgrading irrigated lands formerly used for low-value crops into lands fit for high-value fruit and vegetable crops. It owns 7,465 gross acres of land in southeastern Colorado, growing crops like cabbage, pumpkins, corn, and oats. It then sells its produce through its wholly owned subsidiary Dionisio Farms & Produce.

Alongside its farming, Two Rivers owns water rights in the Arkansas River Basin, also in Colorado. This allows the company to divert stream flow, pump ground water, operate storage reservoirs, and conduct other water management activities. On a long-term historic average, the company has an annual diversion of 15,000 acre-feet of water.

For its marijuana operations, Two Rivers has its subsidiary GrowCo, Inc. It leases state-of-the-art growing and processing facilities to marijuana growers, and teaches them about growing in a modern greenhouse environment. The company expects that over the next four years, it will lease up to 12 marijuana facilities in Colorado.

Two Rivers Water & Farming Company was founded in 2002 and was formerly known as Navidec Financial Services, Inc and Two Rivers Water Company. It changed to its current name in 2013.

The company is now traded on the OTC markets as TURV. It has a market cap of USD 18.97 M. Top executives in the company include John R. McKowen, Chairman and CEO; Wayne E. Harding III, CFO and Secretary; Kirsty Cameron, VP of Operations; and Russ Dionisio, COO of Farming.

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Latest Financial News for TURV

Two Rivers Water & Farming Company Releases October Update Letter from CEO

DENVER, Colorado, Nov. 06, 2019 -- Two Rivers Water & Farming Company (“Two Rivers” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: TURV), a strategic company that acquires, manages and develops.

Two Rivers Announces Forecast for 2019 Butte Valley Hemp Harvest

Two Rivers Water & Farming Company ("Two Rivers") (TURV), a vertically integrated agricultural, water rights and consumer products company, announces its forecast for the hemp crop planted on the Butte Valley Farm in Huerfano County, Colorado. After the harvest, Two Rivers also expect to have sufficient seedlings for a full planting on the 158-acre existing farm in Butte Valley and has started a propagation facility in Springfield, CO to grow additional seedlings for next year. Additionally, the company determined that a lack of proper onsite management exacerbated the problem which the company plans to correct in the operating plan for 2020.

Two Rivers Releases Transcript and Shares Highlights from Recent Investor Call

DENVER, CO, Sept. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – Two Rivers Water & Farming Company (OTCQB: TURV), today released a transcript and highlights from its investor call held on September 10, 2019. “We have an aggressive goal of becoming a leading integrated seed-to-sale operator - which we hope to achieve by utilizing our existing footprint and then building out the downline businesses to deliver higher retail margins through acquisition and internal development. “To position ourselves for 2020 and to raise the money to plant, grow, harvest, and process hemp on up to 1,000 acres, we needed to work out any kinks we found this year on the farms, develop our seed and clone inventory and gain experience on farming in this region.

Two Rivers Announces Executive Leadership Change

DENVER, Colorado, Sept. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Two Rivers Water & Farming Company (OTCQB: TURV) today announced the resignation of Chief Executive Officer Wayne Harding, and the appointment of Greg Harrington as Interim Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Harrington will also replace Mr. Harding on the Board of Directors and assume his role as Acting Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Harding joined Two Rivers in July 2008, became the Chief Financial Officer in September 2009 and the Chief Executive Officer in June 2016.

Two Rivers to Acquire Hemp Farming and CBD Extraction Assets of Monteverde Partners

DENVER, CO, Sept. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – Two Rivers Water & Farming Company (OTCQB: TURV)  announced today its wholly owned subsidiary, Vaxa Global, LLC (Vaxa) has reached agreements with Montverde Partners, LLC (Montverde) to acquire extraction equipment, seeds and clones inventory and full ownership of the 2019 hemp crop from the Butte Valley farm. Monteverde is a joint venture partner of Vaxa in the Butte Valley hemp farming operation near Walsenburg, CO.