Update On Medical Marijuana Legalization In Michigan

stock-photo-27563723-medical-marijuana.jpgThe Michigan Cannabis Coalition is a collection of business groups in Oakland County. Their goal is to preserve the Michigan’s medical marijuana act, passed by 63% of state voters in 2008; taxing retail sales of marijuana at 10%, and letting Michiganders grow as many as 12 plants at home. However, the sale of it is prohibited, to sale it you would have to have a license.

In April, the group filed language for a ballot proposal with the Board of Canvassers in Lansing and a decision is expected sometime this month. If approved, the Michigan Cannabis Coalition would have 180 days to collect at least 252,000 signatures. Maybe more, considering some of those signatures could be deemed invalid.

To read more, visit http://michronicleonline.com/2015/05/11/the-legalization-of-marijuana-in-michigan/

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