Why You Should Invest In Cannabis In 2015

2001. It’s a Growth Industry (and that’s an understatement).

Financial analysts are confident that we’ll be seeing federal legalization of marijuana in the near future, and with it, great numbers for investors. They are positing that a federally legal cannabis industry could rake in $35 billion in revenues by 2020, and that’s just in the first year of nationwide legalization.

This type of opportunity is compared to those at the end of the alcohol prohibition – it represents a realization of the American dream for many investors and entrepreneurs.

2. You get first mover advantage.

First movers are those that identify and capitalize on a market opportunity before the competition does. You know Ebay and Coca-Cola because they were the first ones to do what they do. From what we have seen so far, the first movers of various industries go on to become great American companies providing jobs and long-term value to the economy.

In the marijuana industry, we haven’t scratched the surface of the plant’s science, so there is a large and looming potential for early-moving investment and business.

3. Banking is getting ready for marijuana business.

In 2014, the elephant in the cannabis room was that business owners found it difficult to bank because of the legal ramifications of their product. Entrepreneurs had to store cash in their mattresses. But towards the end of that year, we saw cooperatives and local banks coming forward to offer their services to the cannabis industry. With banking becoming a reality for cannabusinesses, the industry looks to be going past its growing pains and taking a huge step forward.

4. It’s affordable.

For many people, the term “penny stocks” bring about an image of a business like Aerotyne Industries from the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”: the self-proclaimed “CEO” lives and works in a shack in his mother’s backyard. In some cases, this isn’t far from the truth, and just in the last year, we have seen some real scams in this area.

But in the marijuana industry, some stocks are not only affordable for the average investor, but also actually have enormous growth potential. If you’re still hesitant, you don’t even have to stay for the long haul. Many investors day trade or trade seasonally so they don’t take a beating from huge market swings. Most of them are middle-class people who are intelligently investing a bit and watching how it goes for a couple of years. In that time, some of these stocks will be huge.

5. There’s a wide variety.

The marijuana industry opens up numerous investing opportunities beyond the plant itself. There are a lot of products and services growing from the plant. If you don’t like investing in producers, you can try, say, vaporizer companies which are huge right now. If you’re not confident about the American market, then you can invest in Canadian stocks. Or if you shy away from public investments, there are private tech startups like Massroots, which just received an incredible venture capital this year. And if you want to only support medical research, you can get a stock for that, too.

With this wide range of options, the cannabis industry really offers something for everyone, right now and in the foreseeable future.

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