11 Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

11 Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Canada is at the center of the cannabis universe at the moment. Most of all, the country is edging closer and closer to getting a legal recreational program ready to go. At the exact same time, there’s a frenzy of business activity. This means that now could be a good opportunity to invest. Here are 11 Canadian cannabis stocks to take a look at.

11. Liberty Health Sciences, Inc. (CNSX:LHS)

11 Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy of Liberty Health Sciences

With a market cap just under $300 million and a great deal of promising action, Liberty Health is a strong stock to look at. The company is focused on the medical marijuana space. In particular, it’s a professional company when it comes to large-scale cultivation.

It has a lot of deals in both Canada and the U.S. Most notably, Liberty has a strong relationship with Aphria, among the best acting Canadian cannabis stocks.


Photo Courtesy of Melting Point Extracts

MPX is another Canadian company with profitable projects in both the U.S and Canada. In particular, it owns a number of dispensaries across four states in the U.S.

In terms of its Canadian holdings, MPX is reportedly in the process of building a massive new production facility. All told, the company has a market cap over $360 million and has been a consistent performer.


Photo Courtesy of Hydropothecary Corporation

Hydropothecary Corporation is making some potentially big moves. Its primary source of action comes as the only licensed medical cannabis producer in the state of Quebec.

Additionally, the company is apparently getting ready to launch a new brand named HEXO. This one will concentrate on recreational marijuana, just in time for legalization in Canada. The stock has seen increases above 200 percent during the last 12 months or so.


MedMen is technically based in the U.S. and they started out as a weed retailer located in California with shops throughout weed-legal states.

But in May, MedMen finished a “reverse takeover” of Ladera Ventures Corp.. After that move, the company began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange. When MedMen became among the first Canadian cannabis stocks, it had a valuation well over $1 billion.

7. CannTrust Holdings, Inc. (TSX:TRST)

11 Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

There are a few reasons we believe CannTrust a good investing option. First, the company has a deal with Appotex, Inc., a large pharmaceutical company in Canada.

For another, CannTrust has a grow facility in Ontario that produces always. And the company has some early phase plans to construct a second cultivation site. Good growth could be on the horizon for CannTrust.

6. The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc. (TSX:FIRE)

11 Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy of Seeking Alpha

Right not could be an interesting time to invest in the Supreme Cannabis Company, although it could be among the riskier stocks on this listing. Supreme established a private placement deal last year to raise funds for a new growing facility.

Reports showed that the stock made small gains in 2017 but has seen small declines throughout 2018. The slightly lower costs right now could make this an interesting stock to consider.


Cronos is over Canada’s legal cannabis industry. It’s already involved in the process of creating medical marijuana, and it regularly seeks new opportunities to spend throughout the marijuana space.

As a result, the company now has a market cap just north of $1 billion. Expect solid and consistent performance from Cronos.

4. MedReleaf Corp. (TSX:LEAF)

11 Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy of MedReleaf

MedReleaf is among Canada’s most prosperous marijuana companies. It started out mostly in the medical marijuana space, making high-grade medical products.

MedReleaf also has a number of lucrative agreements. It’s a licensed provider for the province of Quebec. Additionally, it has a deal to supply medical marijuana to Germany. More recently, the organization was obtained by cannabis giant Aurora Cannabis.

3. Aphria, Inc. (TSX:APH)

11 Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy of Aphria

With a market cap over $2.5 billion, Aphria is among Canada’s largest and most successful Canadian cannabis stocks. In actuality, the stock has reportedly seen increases of 146 percent during the last year.

The company produces a wide range of cannabis flower and other marijuana products. These products are sold across the Canadian market. But the company has also expressed interest in expanding internationally. In particular, Aphria was one of a handful of companies to express interest in getting into Greece’s recently-expanded medical marijuana market.

2. Aurora Cannabis, Inc. (TSX:ACB)

11 Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy of Aurora

Aurora Cannabis, Inc. is among the largest Canadian cannabis stocks. It’s currently valued at over $5 billion. Aurora has had a few big developments recently. In May, the company purchased MedReleaf, another wildly successful Canadian cannabis company.

Likewise, the company recently won a contract to supply medical marijuana to the Italian government. It will complete that arrangement by way of its Germany-based subsidiary Pedanios.

1. Canopy Growth (TSX:WEED)

11 Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Invest In

Photo Courtesy of Canopy Growth

Canopy Development has been in more headlines recently than probably any other cannabis company in the world. In actuality, the company has a long history of groundbreaking achievements. For starters, it was the first publicly traded cannabis company in North America.

Then, just a few weeks ago, it made another pioneering move. More specifically, Canopy Growth became the first bud firm to trade on the New York Stock Exchange. Since that time, its stocks have been skyrocketing. Apparently, many younger Millenial investors are snatching up Canopy Growth shares. The company reportedly has a market cap over $6 billion.

Canadian Cannabis Stocks

As you can see, there are all sorts of options for investing in Canadian marijuana stocks. It could be a great time to enter the game. With complete legalization on the immediate horizon, it seems likely that there will be a good deal more action from the legal weed scene for the foreseeable future.

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