3 Cannabis Stocks That Are On The Move

3 Cannabis Stocks Which Are On The Move

This is a bizarre week for the stock market as Canada celebrated Canada Day on Monday and the United States of America celebrates Independence today.

Although many investors are on a vacation, these companies continue to execute and are taking no time off. Today, we have highlighted three business updates that cannabis investors will need to be aware of. These represent Canadian and United States focused opportunities and are ones that we are favorable on.

Aurora Cannabis: Problems Positive Operational Update

Over the last year, Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB.TO) (ACBFF) has implemented flawlessly, emerging as one of the only companies able to equal Canopy Development (WEED.TO) (CGC). Yesterday, Aurora released an operational update that provided important and relevant information for investors. This upgraded included some significant announcement for example

  • On June 29th, the Aurora Vie facility (Quebec) was granted a revenue license and is in full commercial operation and on target to be able to produce 4,000 kg a year by October. Multiple harvests are completed and the necessary modifications for the softgel manufacturing facility are materially complete.
  • Aurora Sky finished its The first harvest in late June and is on track to be fully operational in late summer. Aurora anticipates planting of all bays in the coming months, ensuring ample dried flower and extracted product supply in advance of customer legalization in October, with the facility ramping up to full capacity of more than 8,000 kg each month by the beginning of 2019.
  • CanniMed received Health Canada approval to commence sales of CanniMed Capsules, a line of vegan capsules, the first of which is available in August. Aurora received its Health Canada license for the production of encapsulated oil for its Mountain facility. The business will be producing unique, integral hard shells for the medical markets, as well as for the mature consumer use market, once legalized.
  • Aurora Larssen Projects broke ground on the Aurora Sun centre in Alberta, the company’s second EU GMP facility. Aurora Sun is currently slated to be 50% larger than Aurora Sky, at 1.2 million sq. ft., and is expected to be able to generate more than 150,000 kg of cannabis annually.
  • The integration of CanniMed into Aurora has now been successfully completed and the program will encourage the integration of future acquisitions. The integration process has also enabled the company to leverage unused licensed area to encourage the development and delivery of new product forms along with the recently announced launch of a topical cream and the CanniMed capsules.

MedMen: A Leading United States Cannabis Play

The dispensary locations are printing machines. The staff is quite knowledgeable on the huge variety of products supplied by the shop and this makes it easy to find the products that you require.

MedMen is focused on high-growth markets such as California, Nevada, New York, and Florida, which is a really attractive aspect of the story. The business has been making profits and has been using its stock as a currency. We expect these acquisitions to prove to be accretive and are positive on the recent movements.

Yesterday, MedMen finished the first harvest during its cultivation and manufacturing facility outside Reno, Nevada. The test crop was just a fraction of the centre ’s 10,000 pounds planned annual production capability, but it went very smoothly and all systems functioned as designed, according to Dan McClure, MedMen’s vice president of agronomy.

With the facility completed and operational, MedMen plans to build the same type of facility in the other states where it operates. Earlier this year, construction started in Desert Hot Springs, California, and is expected to be finished in the first quarter of 2019. Another factory is intended for MedMen’s Utica centre in New York. The same factory design is intended for Florida.

CannaRoyalty (CRZ.CN) (CNNRF) has been laser focused on the California cannabis market and we are bullish on this chance. Yesterday, the business closed the previously announced acquisition of FloraCal Farms, a certified premium craft cannabis producer located in Sonoma County, California. This is an important acquisition and enhances of CannaRoyalt’s portfolio of California cannabis assets.

FloraCal has a leading position in the California market, with THC figures testing up to 33% and a selling price of up to $17.00 per gram. This shows that even in a relatively mature flower market, craft branded flower can capture and maintain premium prices and margins. Management expects to deliver the brand to new heights through increased production and an elite distribution platform. Since retailers can only carry compliant cannabis products, the market may see a short-term supply disturbance.

FloraCal has a temporary moderate indoor farming license from California, as well a Type 6 non-volatile manufacturing license in Sonoma County.

  • Stage I am licensed and in commercial production, with 15,000 sq. ft. of purpose-built indoor climbing in a 64,200 sq. ft. facility.
  • Stage III would further expand the facility to 64,200 square feet, with targeted annual production of 5,500 kg.
  • Capital cost for construction during Phase I and II is estimated to be $7.5 million (Stage III has an anticipated budget of $4MM for building ).

CannaRoyalty has been nothing short of an execution story and we see this a long-term opportunity. The California market is important and CannaRoyalty has been capitalizing on this. We expect fundamentals to improve as the company works to increase market share in what’s

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