5 Effective Dispensary Text Message Marketing campaigns

Studies have shown that there are two motivating factors that drive repeat business in the United States: accessibility to a loyalty program and dispensary text message marketing program to construct a relationship with clients. Keep customers coming through your door with a killer dispensary loyalty and rewards program in place.

Using marketing tools, you can create, automate, schedule, and send specific campaigns to segmented groups based on their interests or their spending habits to increase traffic and sales.

To attract customers of all segments and interests, try sending any (or all) of these five examples of successful promos/offers for dispensary rewards:

Dispensary Promotions/Offers for New Customers

You got a new customer in your store and sign up for your program, so how do you ensure they come back? When new clients sign up for your dispensary rewards program, break out the welcome campaigns. Your goal is to create your new members feel as though they are a part of your companies family, so send them a warm welcome with an enticing incentive to come back to your shop.

We’re so pleased to have you, we would like to offer you a little something special. Come in before [expiration date] and save 10% your entire purchase! ”

10 percent doesn’t seem right to you? Offering a 10% discount is fairly common, but if that doesn’t work for your dispensary, you can surely alter it.

Every businesses aim is to get as many VIP, high-spending clients as possible, and the best way to get your everyday clients to this level would be to thank them. Creating an offer or particular exclusively for your VIP’s will encourage more of your regular clients to get on the VIP level, and by rewarding your more frequent clients, you’re showing them just how much you care.

To entice your regular customers to get on the VIP level, you should send a campaign letting them know about the VIP perks: “This weekend only, get 10% off your entire purchase and all VIP’s will get an additional 20% off their entire purchase! ”

Adding signage around your shop about the specials VIP’s get will even entice your regular customers to spend more to reach that VIP level.

Have you got that one particular item that just appears to be outperforming all others? Or something that you think your clients would really LOVE getting for free or extremely discounted? Sending out a text message campaign offering that item for free when a spend threshold is met results in significantly higher spending per visit.

Here’s a great example of a minimal purchase special effort: “It’s Penny Pre-Roll day! Get a pre-roll for a PENNY for every $100 spent now! ”

Typically a minimum buy campaign results in a 65% higher spend than an average campaign.

Nearly every dispensary runs at least one kind of daily deal. Shatterday, Waxxy Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Pre-Roll Friday, and more are becoming more and more prevalent in the cannabis industry.

Sending out a campaign letting your clients know about your daily deals will get your customers excited to hear from you every day (or on the expected days) and lead to seeing more and more regular loyal customers.

The most popular daily deals are Shatterday Saturday, Tasty Tuesday, Waxxy Wednesday, and [Business Name] Thursday.

Shatterday Saturday campaigns are just that, about Shatter! While Tasty Tuesday is a superb time to promote your delicious edibles, and Waxxy Wednesday to push your deals on Wax.

On Thursday’s dispensaries should send out enticing campaigns that will get customers rushing to their shop to get their weekend products, since Thursday is the most popular day for weekend shopping, typically.

After a couple weeks, your clients will be eagerly awaiting their phones expecting that daily deal!

Happy Hour

Ever have a slow time at your dispensary? Or perhaps an extremely busy time?

Try sending out a happy hour effort! In the event you’re expecting a slow time or even a busy period, sending a campaign with an enticing promotion or particular will get more clients running to your shop. The best promotion to send when you’re expecting a while is a very enticing special or offer, like a percentage of a popular item, or a free item with a spend threshold or merchandise buy (purchase a cartridge and receive a free battery).

Why would you want more traffic when you’re busy? Well, usually if you’re expecting a busy time, you have more budtenders at your shop, so some more clients should be no sweat and thus a great time to incentivize your clients to come along with a friend. A great effort to send when you’re at your busiest is: “Come in with a friend and both get x% off your entire purchase”

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