7 Best Cannabis Finds for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day! Prices are happening left and right, prices of essentials are being slashed, and THE CANNABIS COMMUNITY isn’t OUTSIDE OF THAT. Therefore here are a few fantastic deals that you definitely should not miss.

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Butane Torch & Refills

Prices: Torch – $19.99 (regularly $33.74), Refills – $10.99 (regularly $17.50)

Remember on Oil Day (7/10) when everywhere you went was from butane? You had to hop into the group chat and just hope someone had a spare on deck? Well, fortunately for you, you can purchase a new torch for the extreme low cost, as well as stock up on butane refills so that never happens again.

Price: $5.60 (regularly $7.99)

Is there anything worse than having a pack of rolling papers without some sort of crutch to make the process easier? The answer is no, but good news is here. On Prime Day, you can cop a 10-pack (500 total tips) or Raw Filter Trips and never have to worry about rolling a mouthpiece-less joint again.


Price: $17.99 (regularly $39.99)

Whether you’re weighing out frozen blackberries for a Nutribullet smoothie or making sure that you bong bowl is an exact.3 g (for stash conservation purposes), everybody wants a scale in their kitchen. This happens to be a very good scale, and it’s just $18! In some places, you can’t even get a gram for that much. Buy, buy, buy!

Glass Pipe/Bong Carrier


Price: $34.99 (regularly $39.99)

Have you ever been hauling a freshly-purchased cannabis-friendly glassware, hit a bump, and you heard the glass shatter in the backseat? In that case, I offer my thoughts and prayers. In addition, I offer this sweet deal on a pipe/bong/bubbler carrying case with impact-absorbing protective foam. The situation is 11’ long, can fit glassware around 8.5 inches long, and it’s customizable.

“Herb” Grinder


Price: $15.99 (regularly $29.99)

If you don’t have a grinder, you’re missing out. Leave those super sticky fingers supporting and purchase this four-piece grinder. Additionally, it includes a smell-proof stash jar on a keychain!  You literally cannot find a better deal to get a grinder than this. Additionally, when you receive it, be sure to throw a coin to the cannabis catcher to boost kief production. Thank me later.

Tightvac Stash Container


Price: $9.84 (regularly $10.99)

Ever had some cannabis so loudly your car smelled like it for weeks? Or your flat, because you had nowhere to stash your supply? If so, this is the purchase for you. It’s a vacuum-sealed container than can hold up to an ounce of dry herb, that’s the legal limit of cannabis one person is allowed to possess.

The Press Club Rosin Stamp


Price: $19.95 (regularly $59.99)

Want to make your own rosin, but don’t know what to buy for this? The Press Club has a deal for their all-glass rosin stamp, and it’s just $20! The amount of items says “1” so this might be literally the only one they have available. That means you need to already be clicking Add To Cart before you finish reading this sentence. Congrats on your new rosin stamp.

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