7 Infused Toppings for the Fantastic Ice Cream Sundae

7 Infused Toppings for the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

There’s a hundred distinct flavors and dozens of delicious toppings to choose from, even of the infused variety. While we may still be stuck making our very own homemade whipped cream with a touch of cannabis (get on it edibles industry!) , luckily there are plenty of other mouthwatering products that make the perfect toppings to your summer sundae.

Load up your favorite ice cream with a THC twist and an extra cherry on top.

Unless you’re the sort of individual (read: madman) who doesn’t like chocolate, then no sundae is complete without chocolate sauce. delivers the goods with their distillate infused, 50mg THC Cheerfield’s Chocolate Sauce with a hint of citrus. Warm it up to get a hot fudge effect or just drizzle it on top if you don’t want to wait for this special treat.

Available in: Oregon

Modus Gummy Bears by TopLeaf Canada

For the toker who’s always a kid at heart, these colorful infused Modus Gummy Bears by TopLeaf Cananda create the perfect topping on a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream. Clocking in at 10mg THC per piece, precision dosing is made easy and enjoyable. Slap some sprinkles on top for a beautiful, rainbow coloured sundae.

Available in: Canada

All peanut butter cup lovers know that peanut butter is one of the best toppings to pair with chocolate ice cream. GanjaEats’ creamy Peanut Butter has 21mg THC per serving. Warm it up and put it on top of chocolate ice cream with a drizzle of hot fudge for the most sinfully delicious treat of the summer.

Available in: Arizona

Pretzel Bites with Sea Salt by Venice Cookie Company

Salty and sweet is a classic mix, exactly like cannabis and the munchies. These Pretzel Bites edibles from the Venice Cookie Company are created with 5mg THC each pretzel, and are the best of both worlds. Crush the snacks into smaller pieces and mix them into your favorite ice cream to enjoy something a bit sweet, a bit sour, and a little infused.

Available in: California

Magic Brownie by Infusion Edibles

How about a sundae with coconut, butterscotch, and chocolate brownie crumbles? The Magic Brownie by Infusion Edibles brings it all together to get a supremely decadent ice cream topping. Simply crumble the brownie and scatter on top for a divinely rich treat. With 100mg THC per brownie, you can cut it to enjoy lower doses, or go for the whole shebang (if your tolerance is as large as your love for ice cream).

Available in: Arizona

Ginger Chew Cookie by Baked Edibles

A crumbled-up Ginger Chew Cannabis Cookie by Baked Edibles and a round of sour lemon ice cream is the perfect way to cool down and refresh from the sweltering heat. These cookies feature 30mg THC each and will add a touch of sweet, spice, and elevation to a tangy lemon palate.

Available in: Canada

Peanut Brittle by Cornucopia

If you prefer your peanuts with extra crunch, this Peanut Brittle by Cornucopia is the perfect ice cream topping. It comes in a variety of potencies, from 60–240mg THC a bit. Break it up and mix it in with vanilla, chocolate, or even grape gelato for a delicious and potent dessert.

Available in: Arizona

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