Acreage Holdings Get US Symbol: ACRZF

Acreage Holdings (CAN:ACRG.U/ US:ACRZF) has received a US emblem and it is ACRZF.
US investors are now able to easily buy Acreage shares under the symbol ACRZF.
Earlier today the Seed Investor explained how US investors can buy Acreage stocks on its first day of trading though it did not have a US emblem yet.
Currently all the significant brokerages still have not updated their systems to include the new US emblem though.
Because of this, those two choices detailed earlier will still be the most viable ways to buy Acreage though.
That should all be changed tomorrow, and most investors will have the ability to use the ACRZF symbol exactly like any other foreign exchange.

Published at Thu, 15 Nov 2018 19:45:40 +0000

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