Ad Campaign Explains Difference Between Smoking And Eating Pot

People just aren’t informed, Tvert said. And its because marijuana has been illegal and kept in the shadows for so long. The group says its campaign will cost at least $75,000 and is largely centered in Colorado with the billboard, pamphlets and magazine ads. They expect it to expand wherever marijuana is legal. The campaign also includes a website called ConsumeResponsibly where it explains marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington state and describes how much more potent eating marijuana is than smoking it. The group is encouraging consumers not to consume marijuana and drive.

It’s also urging users to lock up their stash of weed to keep it from children. 4 The campaign comes as states are increasingly looking at how to regulate and gauge marijuana-impaired driving and critics are warning of the growing risk of children gaining access to the drug.

Tvert said his group took the campaign on because government agencies have failed to create credible education programs. He cited the Colorado Department of Transportation’s string of commercials urging smokers not to drive by showing stoners doing things like dropping TVs and futilely trying to light a grill .

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