Select Seed Grower Jeff Sopatyk As One Of Board Of Directors Of Affinor Growers

Sopatyk has a diploma in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan. Twenty years ago he established a commercial seed growing business as a pedigree and Select Status seed grower. He has been growing a wide array of seed crops including wheat, canola, barley, lentils, peas, hemp, and Faba beans on the his 7,000 acre farm.

He also has cooperated with several researchers from the U of S over the years with on farm research, focusing on environmental issues, germ plasm trials, inoculants, fertilizers, and plant breeding programs. For several years, Mr. Sopatyk was a director of the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Association as well as a Director of Pulse Canada. He believes that Sustainability of Agriculture is crucial with the world population expecting to rise dramatically. He is excited to be involved with Affinor who is committed to Sustainable food products to their customers, the planet, and the economy.

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