Agritek Holdings, Inc. (AGTK)

Logo1-25519280Agritek Holdings, Inc. was the former MediSwipe, Inc. (MWIP), which changed its corporate name on May 20, 2014. Agritek, a leader in compassionate care, provides innovative solutions for businesses in the medical cannabis industry that operate within regulated jurisdictions across the United States. The company is an industry pioneer, and the first public entity to provide electronic processing transaction solutions within the legal marijuana sector.

The company leverages its network of dispensaries and clients by distributing vertical business products and top-quality services to regulated canna-businesses. Their featured products include the Mont Blunt vaporizers and electronic vaporizing cigarette (e-Cig) line, and hemp-based beverages such as the Chillo energy drink and the CSWISS ice tea.

Agritek Holdings, Inc. offers consulting and management services related to purchasing and leasing of building, and land operations within the regulated jurisdictions. Through the company’s established banking network, it offers credit facilities and equipment leasing for large-scale grow operations and retail operations.

The vision of Agritek Holdings, Inc. is to provide secure web-based technology solutions, typically through cloud computing, to help both small and medium-sized care providers to fulfill their service delivery goals and to reach their financial goals. The company seeks to provide solutions and services with the highest level of security and to deliver value to care providers, patients, labs, dispensaries, certification centers, and other clients. Their HIPAA-compliant cloud-based collaboration system is exclusively developed for the medical marijuana industry.

Agritek Holdings, Inc. is a fully reporting company that trades in the OTC market under the stock symbol AGTK. The company is not engaged in directly growing, harvesting, or distributing cannabis or any substances that violate the Controlled Substance Act or the United States law, and does not intend to do so in the future.

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