Alaska Could be the First State to Allow On-Site Marijuana Consumption

Alaska could be close to making marijuana history. More specifically, it could soon become the first nation to allow for onsite cannabis consumption at dispensaries. State lawmakers are currently looking at a bill that would make this sort of onsite intake legal. But given that the bill is still in the early stages of legislation, it’s unclear whether or not on-site consumption will become a reality.

Alaska Contemplating New Marijuana Laws

Yesterday, lawmakers in Alaska approved rules that could allow individuals to legally consume weed at state-approved dispensaries.

Before the proposal becomes law it still needs to pass through some other rounds of review and approval. Most importantly, the Alaska Department of Law will need to do a thorough overview of the new rules.

But when the bill is finally passed into law it will introduce a number of new changes. For starters, dispensaries that receive state and local approval will be allowed to have another space set aside for consumption.

Customers will then be able to go the shop, purchase weed or other weed goods, and then consume their purchases at the consumption space.

At this point, the proposal would allow dispensaries to establish separate consumption rooms. Additionally, bud stores could also allow customers to smoke marijuana or consume edibles in outside spaces such as rooftops or patios.

If the bill passes into law, Alaska will be the first nation to establish a legal framework for onsite dispensary consumption. Currently, there are certain locations in different parts of the country that allow for onsite consumption. But nothing at the level.

Regulations and Restrictions for On-Site Consumption

Needless to say, just like any cannabis regulations, the new laws have several new regulations and requirements. For starters, stores will be asked to apply for a special license for onsite consumption.

In order for approval, dispensaries must meet the following requirements:

  • Consumption spaces have to be separated from the retail part of the shop.
  • Customers will only be allowed to consume products purchased at that dispensary.
  • Customers who want to consume at the shop can only purchase up to one gram of flower or edibles with no more than 10 milligrams of THC.
  • Shops must have a smoke-free area where workers can track consumption spaces.
  • Outdoor consumption places shouldn’t interfere with neighboring buildings.
  • Indoor consumption rooms need to have their own ventilation systems.
  • The scent of weed cannot reach past the store ’s home line.

Even though the new bill is being considered at the state level, USA Today reports that local jurisdictions will continue to be able to ban on-site consumption. Additionally, local governments can also institute their own specific requirements or limitations.

Currently, there are 76 cannabis retail stores in Alaska. At this point, it’s unclear how many of those stores might decide to apply for an onsite consumption license.

In any event, the question of onsite consumption has been on the table for some time now in Alaska. The issue picked up traction in 2016.

But this time around things could be different. At least for now, the bill for onsite ingestion has cleared its first legislative hurdle. It will now move on to additional reviews by multiple lawmaking bodies.

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