The city of Amsterdam has been shutting down coffee houses and cafes recently as part of a bargain with the national government. The Dutch government has been instituting what it calls the Weed Pass.

This is a new policy that restricts non-Dutch nationals from using cannabis coffee houses and cafes. Since Amsterdam’s coffee house and cafe scene attracts so much tourism, this could be disastrous for the city. City officials also said it would lead to a huge increase in the black market.

So, according to media sources, the city struck a deal with the government. By shutting down some of the shops the city won’t have to enforce the Weed Pass.



“If we don’t strike a deal we would be forced to enforce the Weed Pass and then we will have big problems,” said Jasper Karman, a spokesperson for Amsterdam’s mayor. “In this way we can protect the remaining 167 coffee shops in Amsterdam.”

This isn’t the first time that cannabis coffee shops and cafes have come under threat in Amsterdam. In fact, the city has lost nearly half of its coffee shops over the past 20 years or so.

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