Another Ohio Marijuana Ballot Issue Submitted

ertL0ELyThe legal cannabis industry in Ohio is seeing a brighter future as a new pro-marijuana ballot issue has been turned in on Thursday (February 12).

The ballot petition is from the group Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis. It is not to be confused with another marijuana petition group, ResponsibleOhio.

In their petition, Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis proposes marijuana legalization through End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act. This act would create a “truly free market” for Ohio farmers and citizens, providing “equal opportunity for everyone” who wants to cultivate their own marijuana or set up a marijuana business.

The group also hopes to protect marijuana “property, parental, and gun rights”, to limit related taxes and fees, and to offer those with cannabis charges a chance to have them removed.

This petition is considered a contrast to that of ResponsibleOhio, whose proposal could limit cannabis growing to 10 investors or investing groups throughout the state. This proposal is expected to be officially submitted within the next few days.

The Responsible Ohioans group isn’t thrilled about their counterpart, saying the people behind ResponsibleOhio “suspiciously copied” their name and put up a website with a similar address.

While the other group is still gathering signatures, Responsible Ohioans has already turned in its ballot petition to the office of Secretary of State Jon Husted. The petition was accompanied by more than 1,000 supporting signatures.

However, both groups will have to wait for the approval of the attorney general, and then the approval of the Ohio Ballot Board. After that, they will have to gather more than 300,000 signatures before their issues can be put to a vote in the November election.

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