Area communities debate medical marijuana restrictions


Some Stark County communities are taking it slow when it comes to legalized medical marijuana.

Plain Township will hold a public hearing at 12:30 p.m. Thursday to discuss what the township should do with marijuana-based operations.

Ohio legalized medical marijuana in certain forms and for certain health conditions earlier this year with House Bill 523. State law also allows local jurisdictions to restrict or deter marijuana from being cultivated, processed or sold within their borders.

The law takes effect Thursday, the same day as Plain’s hearing.

“The board does not want to allow even a day to pass without any action for the fear that someone is out there waiting to jump on this thing,” said Trustee Scott Haws.

The township is trying to determine the potential impact of medical marijuana, said Tom Ferrara, planning, zoning and development director.

Without some regulation, parts of the township could become clusters of marijuana businesses, including retail shops, he said.

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