Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is No Fan Along Those Same Lines, New Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is A Major Opponent Of The Marijuana Industry.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is no fan Along those same lines, new Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a major opponent of the marijuana industry. Sessions doesn’t believe marijuana is a drug that good people use, nor does he believe that it can make a difference in reducing the opioid epidemic in America. While Sessions commented during his confirmation hearing that he would abide by the president’s policy on pot, he would probably like nothing more than to stamp out any opportunity for marijuana’s expansion. 12. The DEA is no fan, either The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) had an opportunity this past summer to consider rescheduling or de-scheduling marijuana, but chose not to. The DEA pointed to a lack of clinical benefits and safety data, as well as insufficient oversight, as its reasoning why it was keeping cannabis as a schedule 1 substance. Because petitions can take so Marijuana Stocks long to work their way up to the DEA, it’s unlikely that it’ll give cannabis another look for years to come. Image source: Getty Images.

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