Aurora Cannabis and Alcanna Enter into Exclusive License Agreement for Alcanna Operated, Aurora-branded Retail Stores

Aurora Cannabis and Alcanna Enter into Exclusive License Agreement for Alcanna Operated, Aurora-branded Retail Stores

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSX: ACB) (OTCQB: ACBFF) (Frankfurt: 21P; WKN: A1C4WM) and Alcanna Inc. (TSX: CLIQ) today announced the companies have reached  a license agreement where Alcanna has been given  exclusive rights to open retail cannabis stores under the brand name”Aurora” across Canada. Alcanna’s standing as the biggest private sector liquor retailer in Canada, aligns with Aurora’s standing among the world’s leading cannabis companies.

In February, Aurora announced its strategic investment in Alcanna (previously Liquor Stores NA), the Edmonton, Alberta-based retailer of alcoholic beverages with 229 retail outlets in Western Canada and Alaska, with a view to establishing a leading manufacturer of cannabis retail outlets. This forward-thinking partnership unites Aurora’s brand leadership, high-quality products, customer care and scientific innovations with Alcanna’s well-established retailing infrastructure and experience. Over the last 25 years, Alcanna has established an exemplary track-record of responsibly retailing controlled substances in retail environments which require strict compliance with government regulations.

Aurora and Alcanna have created a unique and engaging, state-of the art consumer retail concept that aims to deliver an inviting, inclusive, and enlightening experience. Highly trained Category Specialists will participate both new and experienced consumers with superior product knowledge and socially responsible advice. The stores will operate under the”Aurora” banner, but will represent a house of brands, carrying a carefully curated, but broad choice of merchandise from Accredited Producers across Canada, such as Aurora, MedReleaf and CanniMed.


  • Alcanna will build, own and operate the new cannabis stores, where allowed, leveraging its experience and expertise as a responsible retailer of controlled substances.
  • The stores will operate under the Aurora name, providing immediate brand recognition based on the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality cannabis products.
  • Alcanna is currently converting several of its current liquor stores into cannabis retail outlets.
  • Additionally, Alcanna has leveraged its long-standing relationships with commercial landlords to secure a multitude of primary locations across Alberta.
  • When allowed by government, Alcanna is well-prepared to open a large number of retail stores in any province in Canada.
  • In Alberta, Alcanna expects opening 37 stores, beginning October 17, 2018, the maximum amount allowed to a single operator under provincial regulations annually one of legalized adult consumer use.
  • Alcanna will use its deep connections with general contractors and trades, enabling it to quickly mobilize construction teams in approved sites.
  • Alcanna will retain Aurora through CanvasRx, CanniMed and MedReleaf, which have deep experience working with cannabis users, and unparalleled data regarding efficiency and client experience to assist in training its in-store associates know as Category Specialists.

“This Agreement between Aurora and Alcanna, combining physical presence, retail expertise, capacity and experience with our brand strength, product know-how and deep data, creates a substantial competitive advantage that will enable for the rapid development of a strong retail network in Alberta, and any other jurisdiction that permits personal retail of cannabis for adult consumer use,” said Aurora CEO Terry Booth. “We’ve collaborated on store layout and design to ensure the ultimate customer-focused experience, based on a wide choice of products that we anticipate will resonate strongly with the adult consumer use industry.”

James Burns, CEO of Alcanna, added,”For the last five months, specialist teams in store development, merchandising, training and product knowledge have been working steadily toward bringing the  best cannabis retail stores to life in Alberta””We have deep capacities that will enable us to quickly develop a large network of well-located cannabis stores, delivering a special customer experience from October 17, 2018 onwards. Launching this retail network under the Aurora name will capitalize on its reputation as a pioneer in producing high-quality cannabis products, created with the consumer in mind. We are excited to operationalize this vision, and implement quickly in Alberta, and across Canada, wherever we’re allowed to do so.”

About Aurora

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, with funded capacity in excess of 570,000 kg annually and sales and operations in 14 countries across five continents, Aurora is one of the world’s largest and leading cannabis companies. Aurora is vertically integrated and horizontally diversified across each key sector of the value chain, from facility engineering and design to cannabis breeding and genetics research, cannabis and hemp production, derivatives, higher value-add product development, home farming, retail and wholesale distribution.

Highly differentiated from its peers, Aurora has created a uniquely innovative, consistent and effective production approach, based on purpose-built centers which incorporate leading-edge technologies across all processes, defined by extensive customization and automation, leading to the massive scale production of high quality product at ultra-low expenses. Intended to be replicable and scalable globally, these production facilities are intended to produce cannabis of significant scale, with higher quality, industry-leading yields, and ultra-low per g production expenses. Every one of Aurora’s facilities is constructed to meet European Union (EU) GMP standards, and its first production facility and its wholly owned European medical cannabis distributor Pedanios have achieved this level of certification.

For more information about Aurora, please see our investor website

Around Alcanna Inc..

Alcanna (previously Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd.), headquartered in Edmonton Alberta is one of the three largest private sector retailers of alcohol in North America and by far the largest private sector retailer in Canada — owning and operating 229 locations in Alberta, B.C. and Alaska. With revenues in excess of $600 million per year, Alcanna processes over 20 million individual retail trades of beverage alcohol.

Alcanna’s advanced Wine and Past manufacturer brought an entirely new idea to alcohol sales in Alberta in a big format experiential environment with over 12,000 unique products to select from, many sold only at Alcanna stores, at exceptionally competitive rates. Our Liquor Depot brand is ubiquitous throughout Alberta and our new Deep Discount Liquor banner has brought the lowest prices in an attractive consumer-friendly environment to Albertans.  Aurora Cannabis invested $138 million to buy a 25% stake in Alcanna in 2018.

Additional information about Alcanna Inc. can be obtained at and the organization’s website at


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