Cannabis Pizza May Be The Best Thing Ever

It is no secret that people love to push the envelope with anything and everything you could think of. When it comes to weed, this concept is no different. This article will be your go-to guide on what Cannabis pizza is and why you need it in your life. Ways To Infuse Your Cannabis Pizza There are multiple ways to get that THC infused... more →
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5 Best Cannabis Delivery Services

In states where medical marijuana is legal, cannabis delivery services represent a thriving sector of the industry. But since states like California and Nevada have legalized recreational weed, medical delivery services are working on making the pivot to the exploding recreational market. Interestingly, cannabis delivery services... more →
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Thumbs down: Pass rush meets the green rush

It wouldn’t be sports on TV (unfortunately) without a deluge of advertising for gambling, liquor and medication for erectile dysfunction. So it’s probably only a matter of time before marijuana gets in on the action. But it was still disappointing to learn that University of Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster, the San Francisco... more →
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The study included 15 states that enacted laws between then and 2012: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Vermont, Oregon and Washington. Researchers split the states in two groups: early-adopters who passed laws before 2002 and the rest. The... more →
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Green Rush Hits Pa. During Medical Cannabis Expo

Co-hosted by Greenhouse Ventures, a Philadelphia-based incubator for medical cannabis businesses, the convention brought together researchers, veterans, doctors, advocates and entrepreneurs. By Alicia Victoria Lozano Medical Marijuana Expo Descends on Pittsburgh NBC10’s Alicia Lozano attended the World Medical Cannabis Conference... more →
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Cannabis Cosmetics for a Weed Makeover

All-Natural Cannabis Cosmetics for Your Daily Beauty Routine There are multiple ways of using cannabis aside from smoking and ingesting such as clothing, rope, plastic, paints, paper, and now, cosmetics. These legally produced hemp beauty products are beneficial to your health and skincare, as well as eco-friendly to create. As... more →
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A “Green Rush” for Debt Financing?

Canadian cannabis policy announcements over the past year have spurred investment in licensed cannabis producers and dealers (“Licensed Producers”), resulting in one of Canada’s newest growth industries. Deloitte projects the potential size of a legal, recreational retail cannabis market at $9 billion.2 Equity investors have... more →
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Diversifying the Green Rush

Jesce Horton struggled in math classes growing up. While a student at Florida State University, though, he discovered a surprising study aide: marijuana, which helped him earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering. After graduating, he worked as an energy consultant in a variety of U.S. cities and in Germany. When he moved to Portland... more →
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is No Fan Along Those Same Lines, New Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is A Major Opponent Of The Marijuana Industry.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is no fan Along those same lines, new Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a major opponent of the marijuana industry. Sessions doesn’t believe marijuana is a drug that good people use, nor does he believe that it can make a difference in reducing the opioid epidemic in America. While Sessions commented... more →
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