Growlife Still Halted; Marijuana Penny Stocks Still Doomed

As you said you are not willing to do the research. You are basically the same as all of the pump and dumpers on Yahoo finance. Shame on you. In one of those articles, I wrote in response to all that vitriol I received that, I sure hope that for every one of you bashing me, that somebody out there is choosing not to buy into these... more →
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Marijuana Dispenser: A Classic Penny-Stock Tale

They have a small float and low trading volumes, which means they can pop when there is a sudden spike in demand, but which increases the risk that an investor paying a heightened price to get in will see the bottom drop out when the news high starts to fade. It’s the realm of traders and stock jockeys hoping to turn a penny... more →
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Medical Marijuana Inc.’s Hempmeds Makes Global News And Report Issued By Top Laboratory

The latest test results and certificates of analysis (COA) can be found at: ” HempMeds is extremely proud to offer multi-award winning CBD-rich hemp oil products that our customers trust and rely on,” states Andrew Hard, Director... more →
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