Marijuana Dispenser: A Classic Penny-Stock Tale

They have a small float and low trading volumes, which means they can pop when there is a sudden spike in demand, but which increases the risk that an investor paying a heightened price to get in will see the bottom drop out when the news high starts to fade. It’s the realm of traders and stock jockeys hoping to turn a penny... more →
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Medical Marijuana Inc.’s Hempmeds Makes Global News And Report Issued By Top Laboratory

The latest test results and certificates of analysis (COA) can be found at: ” HempMeds is extremely proud to offer multi-award winning CBD-rich hemp oil products that our customers trust and rely on,” states Andrew Hard, Director... more →
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Canadian Stock Exchange: Matica Graphite Eyes Medical Pot Prospects

The company wished to make it clear that it will only enter that space if it finds a suitable target project and agreement, and then only after clearing Health Canada’s regulations on marijuana production. Shoal Point Energy Shoal Point Energy traded 1,265,700 shares last week, hitting a high of $0.015. The company has a 100-percent... more →
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